10 Incredibly Useful Baby Storage Ideas

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Baby Storage

Having a baby requires great preparation – just look at the animal kingdom. Just about every expecting mama animal cleans up, builds a nest or den, and gets ready for their little ones.

It’s no different for humans. Of course, we go a bit overboard when it comes to making way for our babies, and why shouldn’t we? However, buying a lot of baby toys, clothes, gadgets and so on can leave your nursery a jumbled mess.

Good organization is key here, which is why you need baby storage ideas to keep everything nice and neat. Continue reading to get some help with getting your nursery together.

Let’s dive right on in!

1. Turn a Small Space Into a Nursery :

Not everyone has an extra spare bedroom for their nursery, but this doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are unique spaces you can lay your baby down to sleep.

For instance, if you have an attic space or even the storage space beneath the stairs, you can turn this into a mini-nursery. This may sound like a hideous idea, but it’s all in how you decorate the space.

You can find plenty of photos online with baby storage ideas like this one.

2. Buy a Smaller Baby Crib :

You don’t need an enormous crib for a tiny baby. Even when they grow into a toddler, they won’t need that much space. And once they’re a couple of years old, they’re going to transfer out of that to a toddler bed anyway.

If you decide to go with using a small space for your nursery, then you’ll find that a smaller crib is necessary anyway.

3. Get a Multi-Purpose Crib :

On the other hand, if you have sufficient space for a bigger crib, why not go with a multi-purpose one? This will grow with your baby so you won’t have to dish out more dollars for bigger beds.

You can also find some designs that come with a changing table and drawers for extra storage.

Use these for your diapers, wipes, nappies, lotion, and so on.

4. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Storage :

This is actually one of the more popular baby storage ideas. So much so that this is used all throughout some homes. Using vertical space is one of the key ways to save floor space in your home.

In a baby nursery, you can use these shelves to store all sorts of things – books, toys, clothing, shoes, and supplies. If you can install these along the majority of the walls, then you can eliminate the need for extra dressers.

You can cover these spaces up using curtains or sliding doors.

5. Build and Decorate Little Drawers :

You can put together a small nightstand of little drawers that you decorate with lively colors and designs. If you have other children, you can get them involved with painting the drawers.

Once you’re done, you can use it to store lotion, binkies, and other small items you may lose easily.

6. Under Bed Storage :

Another one of the great baby storage ideas you can use is to get a bed with a trundle underneath. Then you can use this to store drawers filled with bedding, toys, and other small items.

Then, later on, you can get rid of the drawers and place a twin mattress beneath for sleepovers your child may have.

7. Install Simple Wall Shelves :

Sometimes, we overlook the most simple ways to add storage. This is an easy DIY way to make use of vertical space in your nursery. Most people use shelves for decor only, but you can do so much more.

For instance, if you have a collection of stuffed animals or even shoes, you can use the wall shelves to store them.

You can either invest in a shelving system and have professionals install it. Or you can ride over to your local home improvement store and find two-by-fours to install yourself.

You can paint and design them whatever color you want to match the rest of the nursery.

8. Use Organizers for Walk-In Closet :

If your baby nursery has a walk-in closet, then this is the perfect space to store items. However, you don’t want to toss things in the corner and all over the place. To save yourself hair-pulling experiences searching for items, you can invest in closet organizers.

This consists of shelves you can add to your wall to hold shoes, as well as hanger systems that organize baby clothes. You can also opt for hanging drawers that hang from the bar.

There are many devices you can look into to suit this purpose. It’ll really come in handy over the years when you’re buying more clothes and sweaters. If you live in a cool region, then you can find kids sweaters, hoodies and more here.

9. Use Seated Storage :

Why not add d?cor and storage at the same time? This is an excellent choice if you run out of vertical space for shelves. Or if you’re not into displaying your junk and would rather hide it away instead.

There are many different shapes and sizes of storage chairs you can opt for. Most look like benches, which is perfect for stowing beneath tables or into closets when not in use.

There are rectangular, square and circular shaped ottoman-style storage chairs you can purchase.

10. Hanging Metal Buckets :

Here’s another clever way to use your wall space for additional storage. Metal buckets don’t have to be grim and gray – you can find some colorful options or paint them yourself.

You can organize the buckets based on the items you’re storing. For instance, you can use one for blocks and another for action figures.

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