4 Ways To Get Control Of Your Mice Issues

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Mice Issues

If you happen to be facing issues with mice in your home, you are certainly not alone – it’s an incredibly common problem. Just like every city in the nation, Toronto has its fair share of rodents. Having mice inside your home is an annoyance that many people struggle with, but it is not necessarily unbearable.

Although mice possess a certain “creep-out” factor that is unique to their species; so long as you learn how to eliminate your mice issues and take action immediately, you shouldn’t have to live in fear for very long, but this likely means contacting a professional exterminator or pest control technician as soon as possible.

Indeed, mice are not only anxiety-inducing – they can be destructive to one’s home as well. This is why controlling them is very important. Here, then, are a handful of ways to come to terms with your pesky problem and get a hold on all the exigencies involved in living with unwanted guests.

4 Ways To Get Control Of Your Mice Issues:

1. Seal Up Your Home:

Most mice issues begin when rodents sneak inside of a home. Mice are very good at finding cracks that they can squeeze into. Even a very small hole can be a passageway for mice. Sealing up your home is the only way to keep these pests out. The best way to fill up the cracks and holes around your home is with foam insulation. If you just have a few cracks, you can probably handle the job on your own. On the other hand, if you have multiple cracks and holes, you may want to hire a professional.

2. Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy:

Another way to get rid of mice is by keeping your kitchen clean. Mice can live on just a few bites of food and will thrive if you have crumbs on your kitchen floor. Additionally, if you have food that is easy to get into, mice will chew into the packaging destroying what’s in your pantry. To prevent wasting your hard-earned money, place food in airtight containers, or use your freezer for storage. Also, if you have pets, make sure that you properly store their food and treats as well.

3. Get A Cat:


Many people turn to felines for rodent control. For hundreds of years, people have used cats to keep mice out of homes and barns around the world. Simply having a cat in the house can deter mice from coming in. Most cats are good mousers and they are often active at night, which is when mice forage for food. But it’s important to remember that owning a cat comes with many responsibilities.

4. Hire A Professional:

The best way to getting rid of mice is by hiring a professional pest control service. A top-notch pest control service will offer a free no-obligation quote over the phone, so you will know how much it is going to cost. Once you have agreed on the price, a technician will come into your home and use extermination chemicals that are completely safe for your family including children, pregnant women, and pets. When you hire a trustworthy pest control company, they will send out a trained technician that is licensed by the Ministry of Environment. When asked, these technicians will be able to provide you with an Ontario extermination card giving you peace of mind. Some of the best pest control in Hacienda Heights companies will not charge you for follow up visits and will stand by their services by offering a fair warranty, to ensure that recurring problems can be dealt with swiftly.



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