5 Things You Didn’t Think a Virtual Assistant Could Do For You

Businessby Ariana Smith01 October 2018

Virtual Assistant

A few years ago, it was completely unbelievable that someone performs a job remotely. But we know that it is quite possible now. A virtual assistant is someone who can do the administrative or secretary-type job remotely. This is the most common concept about the virtual assistant.

But do you still believe in this concept about the virtual assistant? You shouldn’t. In this time of advanced technology virtual assistant can take care of other jobs like finance management, Customer service, Social media manager etc. of your company besides administrative or secretary-type jobs that you need to do.

Now virtual assistant is not just confined the word “assistant”, they are an integral part of your team nowadays. If you can figure out the weak zone of your team, the virtual assistant can solve the problem and your team will be stronger than before.

In this busy corporate world, it is really important to manage your time in the best way so that you can be dedicated to the other fields of your business. Scheduling your appointments on a daily basis is really tough for a busy person. If you have a virtual assistant, you need not think about your schedule appointments. You can completely depend on your assistant for your schedule. Isn’t it a great opportunity to increase your business?

If you can use a virtual assistant smartly, it is very easy to increase the productivity of your team. Here we briefly describe five unexpected tasks you can delegate below-

1. Social Media Manager:

You know, how social media is important for your business or startups. Almost everyone in this digital world has the Social media profile. You can’t ignore the power of social media.

But it is really tough to maintain social media accounts for a busy commercial guy like you due to time management. In this case, a Virtual assistant is the best alternative way because he has enough time to maintain your social media profile. Your virtual assistant can increase the engagement of your profile by sharing the post, answering the question and generating the new idea of posts.

2.Data Analysis and Research:

Data analysis is a time-consuming matter. You can completely depend on your virtual assistant for analyzing data. Their deeply analyzes data helps you to narrow the scope and save your time. Your virtual assistant can organize your raw data through a graphical presentation with key trends. If you need a secondary analysis of your data for more details, they can. Their graphical presentation or document with good user experience will be easier for reading and showing to clients.

3. Financial Manager:

A virtual assistant can contribute to the finance section of a company. You could use your assistant in various ways like to make financial reports or monthly performance reports of the company. They can help you to pay bills, company financials or invoice customers with accounting software. You can use your assistant more than that according to your necessary regarding financial purpose.

4. Proofreading and Content Editing:

Your virtual assistant can be your proofreader. You need to write a lot of contents for your blog post, email or other purposes. But Formatting and checking contents take a lot of time. You can send the file to your assistant for editing and formatting. He can identify and correct the spelling mistake and grammatical error besides formatting. This will increase the quality of your content obviously.

6. Customer Service Manager:

Nowadays, it becomes a common phenomenon that the virtual assistants act as a customer service representative. By answering the support calls, gathering feedback and resolving the problems of your clients, they can add value to your business. They can also report to you about the feedback and problems what your customers are facing. By researching this feedback and problem, you can improve your service and that will help to grow your business without any doubt.

Hope, you have got some ideas on the role of virtual assistant for your virtual business.

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