5 Ways to Breathe New Life into an Old Computer

Technologyby Ariana Smith07 December 2018

Old Computer

You just love your old computer. The hard drive is filled with memories. Your fingers have gotten used to the keyboard and mouse. Perhaps you even enjoy looking at the same desktop wallpaper that you have enjoyed since you first bought it. There is an extensive list of reasons why it may be difficult for you to think about replacing your old computer. Fortunately, you might be able to postpone that conversation into the distant future by taking a few key steps to breathe new life into your old friend.

Examine Your Software and “Cut the Fat”

Even though you may not be a home hoarder, it is still possible that you hoard software – especially if you have had your old computer for several years. Think of the numerous packages, applications, and games you have stored on your hard drive since you first purchased the system. That does not even include the preloaded software that came with the system and (for one reason or another) you have not removed it yet. Focus on the software options that use the most resources and explore efficient alternatives that can get the same job done without carrying such a hefty load.

Focus on the Peripherals, Consider Possible Upgrades:

You can breathe new life into your old computer with the simple addition of upgraded peripherals. For instance, are you still using the keyboard and mouse that came with your system? Perhaps you should upgrade them to a wireless package or even an ergonomic keyboard that is more comfortable and more efficient.

Think about your disc drives as well. Most new laptops and computers do not come with integrated disc drives, but there is a plethora of external options that could help you to think outside the box. For instance, you can opt for an external hard drive to access more storage, an external DVD writer or even a Blu-ray drive.

Analyze Your Browser, Lighten the Load:

When was the last time you paid attention to your web browser? In most cases, you may open and close your browser without even thinking about its impact on your computer’s overall performance. For instance, your browser may consume a lot of resources just to function – depending on which one you use. If you still use Internet Explorer, then you may want to consider using Firefox, Opera or Chrome instead. Stay away from building a collection of personalized plug-ins and excessive extensions, because these elements can weigh down your browser more than you realize. Running speed check may help you understand your internet speed and figure if your browser or internet is having trouble.

Keep the Computer, Upgrade the Hardware:

If you want to put the pedal to the metal with your computer performance, then you should strive to upgrade the hardware itself. For example, the amount of RAM that came with your computer simply may not be enough to satisfy your current needs. Do a little research to figure out how much memory your system can handle without becoming overwhelmed. You should also consider upgrading the hard drive. According to Life Hacker, it is highly recommended to opt for a solid-state drive to revive your old computer. Doing so will allow you to boost the computer and your various applications faster.

Never Forget the Maintenance:

With any type of machine (from your automobile to your toaster), maintenance is required to prolong the life of your computer. You must make sure that your system gets an occasional “tune-up” of sorts to preserve its condition and give you more quality time to spend with your old friend before you shop for its replacement. This includes making sure that your system receives its regular updates and that you pay attention to any emerging signs that may require your immediate attention and troubleshooting.

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