8 Secrets To Climbing Up The Career Ladder

Job & Careerby Mashum Mollah04 February 2017

Career Ladder

After a few years of hard work in the office, you already understand that you can do your job much better than anyone else; you’re thinking that it’s time to take a higher position. No matter whether you are a very ambitious person or not, no one really wants to occupy a subordinate job for too long. Some people just don’t see the way to get a promotion! So they convince themselves that they are rather satisfied with what they have. You can do better! But only if you get a strong strategy. Promotions don’t come out of anything. Actually, they don’t come as a result of hard work ONLY either. There are things you should do to climb up the career ladder

1. Work on Your Time Management

This rule works for every sphere of life. But when it comes to your career, it becomes one of the basics of success. There are many reasons why you should pay extra attention to it. First, it is always nice to be able to do more. Secondly, prioritizing as a part of time management will allow you to achieve your goals.For example, if you’re planning to get an online marketing certificate from RMIT, you should be able to set a schedule for studies, work, and family time according to priorities. Wrong priorities, on the other hand, will set you back. Mind that your priorities should not always be connected to your work. If you hardly spend any time with your family, for example, you’ll feel unhappy eventually. Unhappy people can’t work properly. If you don’t find the time to take care of yourself, you won’t look good. So, your partners and co-workers will underestimate you. See? One thing leads to another. Create a system of routines and follow it! And don’t forget about the deadlines, of course.

2. Find Out What Others Expect from You

You can work nights and days on the project, and when you are finally done, it turns out that you were supposed to do something completely different. Why do people get into such situations? They don’t want to ask questions. Usually, they are not lazy, but they just don’t want to seem rude or annoying. If you fear that too, fine! Don’t ask anything about personal life. But when it comes to your job, your questions should be very specific. If you don’t want to turn to your boss over and over, make a list of questions before the meeting.

3. Never Promise to Do More than You Can

We often promise to do something for a wrong reason. Sometimes, we want to get noticed. Sometimes, we just don’t know how to say ‘no.’ And sometimes, we really want to help. In all of these cases, we are supposed to keep our promises. Otherwise, you can disappoint your boss and co-workers. So, estimate your time and capacity wisely, before you promise to do anything.

4. Don’t Search for Easy Ways

You really shouldn’t run into the extremes. Don’t promise too much, but don’t avoid any responsibility either. It becomes obvious after some time even if you are lucky. Another case of searching for easy ways is to choose a team, who are less professional than you. If you have a chance to choose people to work with, you should prefer to work with those who will challenge you every day. The same thing is with projects. Some of them are inevitably easy. But, once in a while, you can choose the ones that you can learn from.

5. Friendly vs. Familiar

Good relationships and a relaxed atmosphere at the workplace are very important. But don’t be familiar with other people. First, respect their private space, their feelings and, none of the least importance, their free time. Don’t write emails late in the evening. Never call too early, too late or at weekends. Such things really irritate others. But what if the emergency arises? Estimate the situation. Is it really an emergency? In 99% cases, it is not.

6. Don’t Neglect Family Relationships

Why do you work? To pay bills, right? To be successful, too. But what is being successful without happiness? Just think what is important to you. On the one hand, there should be boundaries. Your family shouldn’t distract you, while you are working. Otherwise, you can get really neurotic. No one can pay enough attention to both these life spheres at once. But the greatest part of your free time should be totally devoted to your family.

7. Stay Healthy

Lack of sleep, junk food, too much caffeine have become a ‘normal’ part of a successful person’s life. We have to be productive! We have to find the time for everything work-related! But! Never neglect your health in order to have more time. It’s quite tricky. You will win a couple of hours now, but you will lose weeks later. An unhealthy way of life leads to a great number of the diseases, depressions, obesity, etc. You can also lose your job because you will not have enough energy to do it right.

8. Find the Time to Relax

Being torn apart between our job and our families, we often forget about ourselves. We even feel guilty, when we think, only think, about reading, spas or a simple bath. Not to say about traveling and other time-consuming ‘extravagances.’ Mind that a successful person is only a well-rounded, calm and psychologically healthy one. You cannot be that way if you don’t find the time to relax. On the other hand, if you feel relaxed, you are more motivated, and it is easier for you to climb the career ladder. Besides, spending your salary the way you want (spas, fitness, traveling, etc.) is much more powerful motivation than a salary itself.

Working hard is important to those who are dedicated to their jobs. However, such dedication is not always enough to get a corner office. If you really want to be a successful person and climb up your career ladder easily, you should apply a complex approach. It is vital to be in good relationships with your co-workers, to master time management and to be healthy. Our smart tips are to help you achieve your professional goals.

Mashum Mollah

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at thedailynotes.com/.

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