Amazon Unclaimed Packages: What They Are and How to Find Them!

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amazon unclaimed packages

Want to learn about Amazon’s unclaimed packages? Have you heard about Amazon orders that have yet to be received or get mixed off in the inventory or package factories? Read the article so that you get to learn about the significance of Amazon trying to manage the packages.

The article will also guide you in protecting yourself from getting scammed! There might be some accidental cases regarding unclaimed parcels, so it is important to understand how the process works.

Amazon’s unclaimed packages are effectively auctioned to resolve the challenges of their financial losses. Many people know the profitable content they might discover from these packages! You will learn more about Amazon unclaimed packages if you follow Amazon Assistant!

You will learn all about the risks that come with ordering unclaimed parcels. Also, you will learn how to buy them to suffer losses.

Amazon Unclaimed Packages: What They Are and How to Find Them!

Amazon Unclaimed Packages_ What They Are and How to Find Them!

If you ask what Amazon’s Unclaimed Packages are? You must read the article to learn more about these packages and how they stay in inventory or warehouse within 90 days! Simultaneously, if you are someone who wants to claim their package, this is the time in which you can go.

After 90 days, you cannot claim any package as these packages are identified as unclaimed. Which means it is open for bidding, auction, or reselling! This is because Amazon needs to cover its losses through these packages. It is because these parcels are being used!

Amazon sells these unclaimed packages to auction sites such as or GovDeals! This is how they earn from these unclaimed parcels. Please remember that you have to ask for Amazon dropshipping as a process to scale the unclaimed parcels.

You must see the package types before knowing the resources from which you can access Amazon’s unclaimed packages. Some websites mention the category of the contents in the packages. The categorization of these parcels helps the sellers, auctioneers, and buyers.

On a broader scale, Amazon is not only serving customers but also helping websites such as, B Stock, Direct Liquidation, and others. These websites perform sales or auctions, which helps in the long-term income resource. You also develop an insight into the content of the packages, thus investing money in them accordingly.

Types Of Unclaimed Packages!

Types Of Unclaimed Packages!

Unclaimed packages can be categorized according to serial numbers, models, and items. Sometimes, the parcels are labeled with the content type, such as books, toys, or electronics.

You get a general idea from the label so that if anyone wants to buy the package, you will understand how the packages are sold. The sellers and buyers might have yet to learn about what is in the content; however, they can at least highlight the buyers’ preferences buyers’ preferences.

At times, the products must be in completely good condition; however, if they are in the warehouse for too long, the content might deteriorate better! Before you order anything from the unclaimed packages, you have to focus on what to expect and what not to.

It can go as low as $1 when bidding on unclaimed packages. The packages have several layers; hence, the items are more of a bet.

It is not just about how much money you invest in the packages; instead, it is also luck. Please remember that buying unclaimed packages for a longer period will give you an understanding of the content you purchase.

Where Can You Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

Where Can You Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages_

Where do you find unclaimed Amazon packages? I am here to explain the process. You can visit the Amazon liquidation site to buy returned or undelivered Amazon packages. Sellers offer each pallet of packages through various auctions.

These pallets are well described in the necessary details on the Amazon website, which will give you an idea of how to buy unclaimed Amazon packages. The unclaimed mail from UPSP and other delivery services account for packages people are bidding for!

Furthermore, you can also sell expired or returned items at Target and Walmart! Many sellers can help in arranging the shipping of the pallets. It is important to know how shipping costs might be higher, so the package’s value might differ from the bids.

You can buy packages from Amazon’s Unclaimed Packages section on the following websites. These websites highlight the way these parcels are being auctioned off to buyers. Overall, the buyer decides that they will once they buy the product.

If you want to learn more about the resources from where you can get unclaimed packages, then read the Amazon Liquidation store blog I have written. Right now read more about them and how to use these websites for your benefit!

The website helps sort Amazon’s unclaimed parcels by category. When you select your unclaimed package, you also get to know the amount of the product based on which you can decide to buy.

Several packages are listed on the website. Accordingly, you can decide whether to use the product or resell it! You will get an idea of what you are buying through this website because they try to give some description.

A bid on the package starts at a low of $100 but can rise significantly based on the number of people bidding. Packages and pallets can be bought immediately on without facing any auction. The website also makes unclaimed packages available on an internal level!



A liquidation company, BULQ helps directly deal with unclaimed Amazon packages and parcels. The new liquid items are put on sale, some of which have isomerized prices, and others are on auction for three days within a short period!

However, there is one shortcoming! When you buy something on BULQ, there is less possibility of returns! It is final the moment you confirm the parcel you will be buying! There is a benefit to buying products that are of good quality or at least posting good-quality photos.

If you are wondering how to buy unclaimed Amazon packages, visit BULQ! At times, the website also posts pictures of the items inside. You will be getting detailed, complete manifestos of the product.

Barton’s Discounts

Barton's Discounts

Amazon is assisted with Barton’s Discounts as they process the unclaimed packages, returned items, shelf pulls, and overstocked items. Barton’s Discounts uses Amazon liquid pallets by truckloads to sell. Furthermore, there is also an opportunity to buy mystery boxes.

Barton’s Discount buys unclaimed medical packages from Amazon because it is quite a hassle-free purchase. It is a good choice for learning how to buy unclaimed packages effectively. The parcels are low priced, which allows you to buy the product.



The unclaimed Amazon packages for sale are quite diverse regarding shipping, location, process, and conditions. Amazon has partnered with B-Stock to sell return package pallets in the UK, the EU, and the US. You can find auctions on this website if you have an account on the B-Stock platform.

The advantage is you get all the details attached to the product’s descriptions. You will get an idea regarding what the product might be or the content inside the package!

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation

You can access Amazon unclaimed packages on Direct Liquidation with an option, Buy Now by bidding! When you check the e-liquidation company, you will see several features for refurbished and new items where the warranty for the parcel is for 90 days. 

You can pick up the package personally or ask the company to apply safe transaction methods. The website offers secure transaction methods, which are quite simple! 

American Pallet Liquidators

American Pallet Liquidators

One of the biggest liquidation businesses in the US is American Pallet Liquidators. It is a perfect place to look for pallets, truckloads, and mystery boxes. You will find quite a good collection of Amazon packages through Amazon Pallet Liquidators.

The best part is that no Amazon packages are opened to sort them into an inventory. The fun part of the mystery boxes is that you can get anything you want! There is another opportunity because you can visit the store to see the pallets.

If you can check the pallets, the physical feel of the parcels might help you avoid the risks involved in buying parts. 

The source has 10,000 Amazon unclaimed packages, which you can access as they are sorted across 30 categories. There is an option of bargaining with the seller even though the products, packages, pallets, and truckloads have fixed prices.

You can find Amazon reviews, item descriptions, conditions, serial numbers, images, and Amazon sales ranks on the liquidation platform. It will all be on the pallets! What is more, you can either organize the transportation of the parcels on your own or pay $12.99 for shipping!

How To Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

How To Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages_

If you are planning on buying Amazon unclaimed packages, you should read about the process of purchasing the packages. Moreover, you can buy these unclaimed parcels from Amazon’s website. Do you wonder about the Amazon warehouse deals to understand the package system?

Please visit the Amazon website and find the option “Unclaimed Packages for sale”! You have to click on the option to score some savings from the option. Simultaneously, you must keep checking the parcels because the unclaimed products might sometimes be jewelry items.

Furthermore, you can get good and expensive items at a very low price. It is a good way to invest less money and yet buy a product that might be useful for you. You can resell the products if they are in good condition or you do not need them at a higher rate!

What Can You Expect?

What Can You Expect_

Are you wondering what is the positive impact of unclaimed packages you are checking out on Amazon? There are several aspects of deals and savings that you can get from the Amazon unofficial packages that you can implement.

You can also buy unclaimed packages on other e-commerce sites besides Amazon, such as eBay. Read along to know more about what you can expect when you purchase unclaimed parcels!


There is no guarantee of the contents or the condition of the Amazon unofficial packages! There are several types of packages because the products are not guaranteed to be intact or damaged. I suggest that you stay in your comfort zone when it comes to investing in packages!

It is best not to spend only a little money; it is important to remember that the product might be in bad condition. There might be an unusable item, so keep within your boundaries regarding spending!

Saving Deals!

You might be getting several deals if you buy anything from Amazon unclaimed packages. It will help you cash in on significant savings, so buy products that can be reused or resold to earn a profit!

For every unclaimed package on Amazon, you will get some deals where you will check that some of the products can go as low as $1! However, there might be no high-end products, but there might be a possibility of getting huge deals.

How do you avoid getting scammed while buying Amazon unclaimed packages?

How do you avoid getting scammed while buying Amazon unclaimed packages_

There is a concern about getting scammed in the process regarding Amazon’s unclaimed packages! You have to be careful when investing money in Amazon unclaimed packages. If you are completely new to all this, read the article about becoming more aware of the loopholes.

I suggest investing less money in your first few purchases. This way, you will only be attached to a surprise box if you know its contents! Gaining experience is another aspect of this shopping process because you will learn more about it as you go forward.

You will learn what to look for when buying Amazon unclaimed packages with experience. Another significant aspect of protecting yourself from getting duped is using only trusted websites such as, eBay, and Amazon. If you buy from these websites, rest assured that they will not be completely fake!

Reviewing reviews is another way to ensure that the package you buy from Amazon is not fraudulent! You might know the mystery packages you purchase if you read about the vendor’s reviews. You will be saved from being scammed!

Finishing Off…

After you read about unclaimed Amazon Packages, you will understand its significance. To understand the value of Amazon packages, you will understand how certain categories of the packages work effectively. Also, there will be mystery boxes referred to as surprise boxes!

I understand and know there is no guarantee for the parcels or packages, especially with the conditions of the contents inside! The general aspect is more detailed regarding the package content and how the auction and bidding work.

The value of the unclaimed Amazon packages is significant because you do not know what is inside the parcel. Comment on your choice of buying unclaimed Amazon packages from liquidation websites and eCommerce!

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