What is Anti-Valentine’s Day & How Did it Start? 

Relationship by  sagnika sinha 19 February 2024

anti valentine's day

Affection and love are integral to Valentine’s Day, but what about anti-Valentine’s Day? Do you know anything about the anti-Valentine’s Day or week? To all the singles and broken hearts out there, there is a counterculture of Valentine’s Day! 

Being in a romantic relationship is not always hearts and roses; instead, there are moments when you and your partner go through many ups and downs. Fights and arguments are a part of a relationship in a couple. 

However, when they split up or break up, it is the most heart-wrenching thing to experience. This is a part of the dark truth about Valentine’s day which you will find equally important! 

I have recently seen a trend of people celebrating different Anti-Valentine’s Day! But the significance and meaning of these days are getting lost in translation. The created trends might only sometimes be correctly interpretational when it comes to people understanding them. 

Read the blog to learn more about the different types of Anti-Valentine’s Day and why. It is important to understand that I am discussing this with you to reflect on their significance and the impact they might have on what you think about your relationship. 

What is Anti-Valentine’s Day & How Did it Start? 

What is Anti-Valentine's Day & How Did it Start_

It is normal to miss your lovers or partners on this Day, but you must consider the days after. Heartbreak can be better dealt with if you are someone who thinks about the logical side of it all. It might be convenient for you to block your feelings, but trust me, it will hurt like hell later. 

Hence, I suggest you celebrate these days based on your preferences and feelings. Symbolization is an important part of how you consider and celebrate these days. They will make the days go easier, and you can conveniently accept the pain of your heart. 

If you become aware of your pain, you need to address it on your own! Sometimes, your heart hurts so much that you need to give it some love! And it does not come from outside; the love you feel for yourself will pull you out of your heartbreak in the long term. 

I am writing about my perspective on the Anti-Valentine’s Day and how they symbolize love but in a different way. They consider a person’s heartbreak and the need to celebrate their strengths and abilities in life. 

Slap Day 


Once Valentine’s Day is over, these different days make up for the people who might have had their hearts broken! You might be one of those who have just closed the door on a toxic ex and are still wondering about moving on! 

Officially, February 15 is your Day, denominated as the slap day! It is a day where you can take the first step towards moving on from your past relationship. You need to identify how certain aspects of life do not deserve any time. 

Negative or toxic feelings can be considered because they must leave your mind immediately. It is a way of identifying what aspects of your life are least productive. Instead, the focus is on celebrating your best without a partner or lover.

Playing games is a positive way of handling the stress you are experiencing! Want to know what kind of Valentine’s day games people play? I know, you are not interested but you should consider this light hearted approach towards self-love! 

The first date is for you to leave all toxicity from life, especially when gaining the confidence to survive alone. With this blog, I want to explain that Valentine’s Day is not about negative emotions. It is about how you accept the negativity and bring change.

Kick Day 

Kick Day

It is on February 16 that you can celebrate the kick day! Probably not in a literal sense, but from the perspective of kicking the individual to the curb, celebrate this Day to purge all the negativity out of your life. 

The toxicity of life can be released on this Day by relaxing within yourself and enjoying your own company. You need to leave behind all thoughts and memories of your ex-partners and look ahead towards a new you. How about knowing about Valentine’s day outfit so that you can design an outfit too? 

On this Day, you realize how some of your emotional baggage needs to be resolved. They need to be kicked out of your life and your mental space so that you feel secure and safe. Heartbreaks can be significantly painful. However, it is all about accepting the pain and moving on! 

It might sound derogatory, but you must remember that you do not take the term literally. It is more about overall acceptance of who you are as a personality. Your identity matters greatly, especially because it contributes to your relationship’s progress. 

Perfume Day 

Perfume Day

Sounds cute, but is it? You can celebrate February 17 by giving yourself perfume! It symbolizes self-indulgence and achievement. Self-awareness is a mantra you can follow daily as you do this crucial care act! 

As humans, we often think about the services we do to others. You should do this service to yourself to feel better and live a happier life. If you can enjoy your own company by giving yourself perfume, you will feel good about everyone else. 

Do not let crises or misdemeanors by others impact your relationship with yourself. Understanding the significance of self-love and working around it is important to have a better future. 

Flirting Day 

Flirting Day

On February 18, you are ready to step towards a new future! This means you must open your heart to new opportunities. Flirting allows you to flirt with someone or try to get in touch to give yourself another chance. 

I am not talking about committing yourself to someone, but at least try and agree to a potential date which will give you a new zeal in life. Be it a new friendship or flirting with a stranger, try it. It will be like the movie Pretty woman

This Day is the perfect time to utilize your abilities to make yourself feel good. Simultaneously, it adds to your confidence and growth in the future. 

Flirting with your ambitions will help you enjoy your professional life. Growth is an integral part of life; therefore, this year, people are learning how to bring changes in themselves. 

Confession Day 

Confession Day

The Day is all about confessions! On February 19, you can confess everything to yourself. Try and work out why you are single or miserable even when you are in a relationship. It is important to talk things through first with yourself. 

Suppose you do not understand why you are doing a certain thing or why certain aspects bothered you in your past relationship in which you were hurt. In that case, you will always need help understanding the significance of the changes you must implement.

It is easy to blame others for mistakes and pain, but we forget how we have kept so many things inside us. These troubled thoughts are what need to be highlighted within yourself. Self-awareness is the key to celebrating this Day. Once you confess things, you will see that you feel a lot lighter! 

In the perspective of confessing is a significant part of the relationship course. If a partner thinks it is easy to share everything with your partner, it is easier to communicate with yourself. 

Trust your instincts regarding moving on from conflicts or toxicity from a past partner in the long term. 

Missing Day 

Missing Day

The Day might sound archaic, but it’s not! It is about missing someone and still being happy! February 20 is when it is okay to miss someone, especially if the person has given you happy times. In a relationship, there are good and bad times; therefore, we need to remember the happy times even if the relationship ended. 

If you are someone who has lost a spouse to death or even divorce, I am sure you missed those happy times when you were together. It is the same way you might feel if you are experiencing a breakup because it is okay to miss another person even if you are not getting back together. 

The memories in the beginning can be difficult for you to manage, but I am sure it is okay. It will be the Day. You feel better, especially because you accept how your relationship ended and how you must move on. Are you the protagonist from the movie, Mamma Mia

Breakup Day 

Breakup Day

This is the last Day you celebrate the anti-valentines Day as it finishes with breakup day! The Day is a way of highlighting or addressing how toxic relationships can take away your energy. The mental serenity you deserve should be interrelated with how to let go of a relationship on this date! 

February 21 is an end to a weary cycle of relationships because it is the perfect moment to realize how to choose your independence and well-being over everything else. It is the Day when you can understand your potential. It is about how you are handling the ups and the downs. 

This Day encourages you to accept the changes that are coming your way. I am not specifically saying that you will break up with your current partner or finish a complicated relationship. It is about letting go of past relationships or burdens pulling you down! 

Significance Of Anti-Valentine’s Day! 

Significance Of Anti-Valentine's Day!

There are several reasons why Valentine’s Day has become quite important, especially when people consider being broken as a way of representing their internal struggle. These people no longer trust love, so whatever is related to love, namely Valentine’s Day! 

A card displays “meh” on the pink heart, and it symbolizes how Valentine’s Day is interpreted by many! Heartbreak is a part of relationships, but it is not just relationships that pain our hearts; it is also life.

There is an incredible sense of pain and agony; therefore, they feel like the celebration of love around them hurts them. The convenience of a broken heart is not enough, especially when the celebration chokes you. It feels like you cannot let go of all the memories of your ex! 

It might be convenient to start dating someone else to forget your ex. However, what is most important is to accept what you are going through. Once the struggle is received, it will be easier for you to survive the celebration. 

So, you can be brokenhearted and still experience the best of you any day! There are different themes of love, but what is important for you to accept what is happening inside you? It will be easier for you to handle the pain and confusion. 



If you cannot understand the significance of Anti-Valentine’s Day, I would say it is not a strong negative sentiment towards others. It is a light-hearted approach towards people who might still be emotional from their last breakup.

The lovely gestures people make for each other are sentimental; however, what concerns others who might not have someone to share those gestures with? There is a spectrum of emotions that you might go through during a heartbreak. 

It is, therefore, important to consider the conventionality of love and how Valentine’s Day might not be as special as it is for others. Emotions are an integral part of love. Hence, you must understand how to accept the pain and enjoy yourself. 

Guys do not feel bad for yourselves! You are quite strong and can manage anything in life. Nothing stays permanent for too long, be it good times or bad. So, what you need to do is relax and enjoy yourselves. Return to your confident self with a vengeance, and then bring a positive change within you! 

Finishing Off… 

After reading the article, you will know how important it is to understand that expressing oneself helps understand relationships. During Valentine’s Day celebrations, some people might have had their hearts broken or feel lonely because they are single. 

This type of perspective, where understanding why you had a breakup is important, was highlighted in the blog. Knowing that you both have feelings for each other and still separating or death taking your partner away are some of the conditions that are dealt with these days. 

I am not saying that the different days, such as slap, kick or breakup days, should be taken literally. Instead, you need to understand why you chose to be alone and how to accept the different situations in your life to move forward. 

This kind of celebration focuses on getting away from the daily boredom of life and celebrating it with self-love and awareness. Comment on what you think is the most important day for anyone going through a heartbreak.

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