Assessing Your Financial Health: Signs You Have Too Much Debt

Financeby Mashum Mollah10 December 2019

financial health

Your financial health is an important aspect of your life. It will determine your current purchasing power and dictate your future plans’ probability. While it is obviously significant, many people still overlook their financial health. They incur debts and prioritize their wants over their needs.

Debts are okay, especially if you can manage them or you have them because you have had a valuable big-ticket purchase, such as a house. But some people incur debts because they have a lot of unnecessary purchases. If you have realized that you have this problem, you will need to come up with a thorough plan that will help you get out of the debt trap.

Recognizing that you have too much debt is a good way to start recovering. But how do you know that you have a lot of debts already? Here are some signs to look out for, as identified by a leading debt solutions company in Sudbury, Ontario:

You have unreasonable spending habits

When you are a big spender and you buy whatever catches your eyes, there is a great chance that you heavily depend on your credit card. When you have more than one credit card and all of them are active, it is likely that you have a large sum of debt. In case your debts are still manageable, pay them off as soon as possible, limit your credit card to just one, and adjust your spending habits.

You pay your debts with another debt

Your debts are supposed to be paid with the money that comes from your own pocket so that the cycle will be broken. But if you find yourself dealing with lots of debts through borrowing money, you are just increasing the number of creditors you will need to talk to. With that, you are actually starting a vicious cycle.

Most people that default on debts can legally be forced to pay them through a legal process known as wage garnishments. In such instances, the court directs the banks to deduct the wages or salaries of the individual as soon as it is credited and pay the lender. If you are someone who is legally tied to wage garnishments, then you know you have a serious debt problem going on. Therefore, you must get a balance transfer loan to manage your debts better and deal with financial crises more efficiently.

You do not have an idea how much your debts are

When you are dependent on borrowed money to live and purchase things, you are actually building a long list of debts. And if you do, you may find yourself having difficulties tracking your financial obligations. When that happens, you may find it hard to calculate how much money you actually owe.

Your savings are affected

The golden rule in financial well-being is that you must have at least a savings account that is worth six months of your salary. This is basically your emergency fund. When you get money from this account to pay for your debts, you can easily say that you are dealing with payment troubles.

If you want to be financially healthy, you need to keep your debts to a minimum. Otherwise, your income will always be allocated to debt payments. To prevent large sums of debts, you need to be mindful of your lifestyle; do not buy what you do not need. Keep everything below your means. To make sure your money will grow, start investing in the things that matter and in high-yielding financial instruments. You may ask a financial expert to help you manage your finances carefully.

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