Benefits of Cloud Applications For The Creative Sector

Technology by  Mashum Mollah 05 February 2021 Last Updated Date: 06 April 2021

Cloud Applications

With so many competitors using cloud-based collaboration solutions to improve efficiency while cutting down costs, the adoption of cloud technology is becoming increasingly necessary for creative agencies and the companies they work with.

By making all your processes, such as project management to collaborative workflows and approval, accessible to those who need it will unquestionably make your life easier. If presented with the opportunity to streamline your operations and do away with stressful time constraints associated with organic proofing, why wouldn’t you?

Due to its flexibility and potential to exponentially boost productivity, Aproove’s online proofing for marketing agencies using cloud applications is the best way to cope with demanding schedules for creative agencies.

Improved Brand Control

Improved Brand Control

With traditional workflows, maintaining control over your brand across all elements of your business can be challenging, with input from clients or partners coming at you from all angles. With cloud applications such as Aproove, every project’s management is centralized, with a single source of truth accommodating hub for all collaboration and feedback.

This is especially true for those creative agencies juggling several projects at once or producing lots of content for different clients.

As exciting as these projects can be, managing client expectations when there is inevitably a higher number of people involved in an uphill battle can slow down your productivity.

With online proofing software that enables cloud-based collaboration, you can effectively respond to all concerns and make sure everything is delivered to the highest standard, being assured that you haven’t missed a deadline on any project.

Time-critical applications

Time-critical applications

The creative sector is a fast-paced world that needs a proofing system to match. With the introduction of cloud applications to your project management and approval processes, time constraints feel less limiting than ever. These sophisticated yet easy-to-use systems will allow you to capitalize on a buzzing creative market.

Aproove can handle more pages every day than you could possibly need, no matter how large or small your irrespective of how big your creative sector company is.

The proofing capability adapts to your needs and isn’t fixed, so if you need to add another user quickly, you can do so without incurring any hidden costs. If something comes up at the last minute and you’re not at your desk, the cloud collaboration software also lets you manage projects and get them approved remotely, be it on the train, airplane, or at the comfort of your home.

In the creative sector, time constraints can make or break you. Cloud applications in online proofing will ensure that you’re on hand to deliver projects on time.

Client relationships

Client relationships

The use of cloud-based technology in online proofing can also play a vital role in managing client relationships and expectations, giving them increased access to the work as it gets completed while still placing you in creative control.

As impressive as this technology is, it’s not rocket science. An improvement in communication will always lead to better results for all parties involved.

A recent study by management consulting firm Intellilink found that those using online proofing reported a 59% reduction in management effort to control the review and approval process, including less time spent routing changes, collating revisions, and resolving conflicting feedback.

With cloud-based collaboration, the progress is there for everyone involved to see, and issues can be followed, flagged up, and dealt with in real-time.

One thing is clear:

Leveraging cloud collaboration software as a hub for productivity and approval can only benefit your creative sector company, potentially speeding up both workflows and productivity.

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