The Benefits of a Pre-training Shake

Health & Fitnessby Mashum Mollah20 January 2021

Pre-training Shake

There’s a contentious debate on the importance of pre-workout shakes. Some people argue that they are essential, while others say that you can do without them. This article explores the benefits of consuming a pre-training shake.

What is a Pre-training Shake?

Pre-training Shake

A pre-training shake is a dietary formula aimed at improving endurance and performance when training. Most of the shakes come in powdered form, and you have to mix them with water or milk before consumption.

The ingredients of pre-training shakes vary greatly. Amino acids, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, creatine, and vitamins are common ingredients, but the concentration varies depending on the manufacturer.

Benefits of Pre-training Shakes

The following are the benefits of consuming pre-training shakes.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Protein is the nutrient that facilitates muscle repair and building. Since pre-workout supplements contain protein, they help improve your performance and endurance when training.

Additionally, these shakes have creatine, a compound that helps you train for extended periods. If you take at least three grams of creatine daily, you can significantly enhance your performance, particularly if you’re doing short, intense exercises.

Accelerated Fat Burning and Metabolism


Compared to other diets, protein-rich foods have a higher thermic effect. Studies show that the more protein you consume, the more calories you burn. When you take pre-training shakes, you improve the efficiency of your training regimen.

The number of calories you burn can increase by at least 80 daily. In some cases, the amount might be higher. Some studies indicate that people who take these supplements burn 200 more calories than those who don’t.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Blood PressureDue to modern life’s hectic nature, many people lack time to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This is the reason behind the increased cases of hypertension, one of the precursors of cardiovascular diseases.

Consuming a pre-training shake can help you regulate your blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. However, you’ll need to accompany it with an intense workout routine.

Reduced Fatigue

Exercising can take a toll on your energy levels, making you feel tired before achieving your fitness goals. However, pre-training shakes can help you reduce fatigue. This is because they contain the essential amino acids, the proteins needed for easing the pain after an intense workout.

Improved Body Health

Improved Body Health

People who engage in regular exercise need more nutrients than others. If you want to supplement your daily caloric intake, supplements are an excellent choice. While they’re different from food, they have the same nutritional impact.

Pre-workout supplements are available in multiple forms and flavors. Regardless of your preferences, you are guaranteed to get a suitable choice.


Most people take pre-workout supplements to feel good when training and increase endurance. Pre-training shakes are known to enhance endurance, power, and strength. They also help with muscle recovery.

Since everyone has a unique makeup, it can be challenging to find the best pre-training shake. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist before purchasing these products. Ensure that you avoid supplements that don’t list their ingredients.

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