4 Benefits to Selling Your Car to a Service, Not Privately

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah15 May 2019

Selling Your Car

The time has come to sell an exotic vehicle. Owners may choose to do so privately or sell the car to a dealer or service. What are the benefits of selling the car to service in this situation?

4 Benefits to Selling Your Car to a Service, Not Privately:

1. Fast Money:

Imagine putting the vehicle up for sale only to have it sit for months. Many people believe they want a fancy car but find the reality of financing and owning one is beyond their means. When an owner chooses to work with a dealer, he or she will have cash in hand in a short period of time.

Many dealers now allow owners to submit information about their vehicle online, forward this information to their appraisal team and provide a cash offer quickly. Once the offer has been accepted, the dealer or service sends someone to pick the car up from its location and the owner moves forward with life, ready to use the funds however he or she desires. The process is very easy and to learn more about how it works, click here.

2. Qualified Buyers:

There is a limited market for certain types of cars. People may come to view the car only to lack the funds to actually complete the purchase. This tends to be very frustrating for the owner who must be available to show the car and allows others to drive it only to have a sale not be completed.

Selling a car to service ensures this is not an issue. The service handles all aspects of the sale and works with qualified buyers to complete the transaction. The owner does not have to worry about dealing with people who only wish to get behind the wheel of a luxury car with no intentions of actually buying.

3. A Better Price:

Exotic car dealers, even those working in the used car market, understand the psychology behind why a person wants a car of this type. For example, one person may wish to buy a vehicle of this type as they see the car as a status symbol. Another, in contrast, may buy because they appreciate the build quality of the machine.

The dealer looks to see what drives the sale and highlights those aspects of the vehicle when meeting potential buyers. Doing so helps to decrease the amount of time spent marketing the car and saves money also. An individual seller could spend countless dollars trying to find a buyer and this problem is eliminated when the car is sold to a service.

4. Less Risk:

What many sellers don’t consider is the risk of a fraudulent transaction. Imagine selling an exotic car for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars only to have the new owner drive away and learn the funds aren’t accessible. Sadly, this does happen to some private sellers.

Thanks to advances in technology, criminals are now able to forge everything from money orders to certified cashier’s checks. The seller can’t easily detect fraudulent payment and is left with no vehicle and no money. Furthermore, he or she often won’t have any way of taking the buyer to court to recoup the funds or the car as invalid information has been provided. This risk is almost completely eliminated when the vehicle is sold to service as opposed to a private buyer.

Consider using a service when the time comes to sell a car. Individuals who do so tend to be very satisfied with the process. It is one option that should never be overlooked.

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