Benefits of Wood Plastic Composites

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wood plastic composites

There is more and more demand for wood plastic composites or WPC as its usage is vast and more environment-friendly as it transforms plastic rubbish into many different kinds of useful materials. In construction especially, WPC is all the rage, since this innovation is can make big differences in projects. Read on to learn more about wood-plastic composites, and the benefits of this material.

What is a wood plastic composite? 

As the name suggests, wood plastic composites consist of wood and plastic fibers. The wood comes from leftover materials after a construction project and may include sawdust, bark, pulp, and the like. These materials would otherwise be thrown away, but have a purpose when producing WPC. These products are then combined with plastic powder to make wood plastic composites. This product can be made from solely recycled materials, and may even be recycled again to make other types of WPC materials. This is what makes this material truly unique and very environmentally friendly.

What is so special about wood plastic composite?

The truly useful thing about this material is that it starts as a paste; it can therefore easily be shaped into any form and size; which is a superior featured compared to other building materials that can be difficult to bend and arch. Wood plastic composites can also be colored or dyed to suit your exact wishes. No color is off the table therefore, you can advantageously choose WPC as you building material if you are having a hard time getting material in the color you want.

The functionality of wood plastic composite

Turning our attention to a functional standpoint, let us look at how wood-plastic composite functions as a building material. WPC is moisture and rot-resistant which means you get a very durable material that will also aesthetically last for many years. Wood plastic composites are also more resistant against heat than wood, where the wood will bend and therefore need replacing. WPC is, therefore, a great alternative to lumber. This material is also better equipped to handle the tear and wear of weather than lumber that will need replacing which is a costly affair.

Wood plastic composites vs. lumber

Depending on what the wood material is combined with, wpc can replace real lumber in just about every project. Drilling, planing, and sanding can all be done to WPC as well so that it can be adjusted to any project. WPC is also manufactured in planks, and some professionals even report that they find screws and nails fasten better in WPC compared to wood. It is also less likely to split, and all in all a good material to work with.

Wood plastic composites are a sustainable building material that will stand the test of time and is; therefore, a good choice for the environment and your wallet.

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