7 Things to Look for When Buying the Best CBD Hemp Flower for Sale

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Hemp Flower for Sale

The global hemp market is worth tens of billions of dollars and is growing every year. That growth is coming from heightened knowledge regarding the various uses of hemp flowers and decreased government regulations.

Among the many reasons why people buy hemp, medicinal properties stand out as being particularly popular. If that’s your area of interest, you’re likely curious to know how to buy the best CBD hemp flower for sale among your community’s growers.

Buying quality hemp that can help you achieve your intended purposes is as much of an art as it is a science. While there’s no sure-fire way to know how you will react to the hemp strain you go with, below, we break down a few filters you can use to boost your chances of satisfaction.

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1. Visual Presentation

As is the case with any flower, the first thing you’ll notice when assessing a hemp flower for sale is its visual qualities.

Does the flower look moist? Is it browning? Is there mold present?

Optimally, your hemp flower should look green/brown and appropriately dry. Deep browning can be a sign of reduced efficacy so watch out for that.

Furthermore, the less miscellaneous substances (stems/seeds) you see present in your flower, the more product you’re getting for your buy.

2. Smell

Outstanding hemp flowers not only look great but should produce outstanding aromas. Terpenes are the component inside of hemp responsible for their smell. Each flower has a unique blend of terpenes that have been known to give off notes of citrus, hops, vanilla, cinnamon, and even rosemary.

Hemp plants for sale that are low on aroma are low on terpenes, which — in most users’ opinions —provide a sub-par experience. Plants that have aromas of damp or mold have gone bad and should not be bought as they may not work. Not only will they have a putrid taste, but they could also be dangerous.

3. THC Levels

People who are buying CBD hemp flowers aren’t usually interested in psychological effects. They’re looking for the practical, healing effects of hemp plants, which means they’ll want to limit the amount of THC content their hemp flower features.

Most CBD hemp flowers will have traces of THC. That’s fine, as low amounts of THC won’t create a “high” in users or undermine hemp flower’s health benefits.

You should be aiming for THC amounts that are below .5%. While it’s not a guarantee, anything higher than .5% puts casual users in the spectrum of running into the psychological influence.

4. CBD Levels

Looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, CBD is something you’ll want to be highly present in your hemp flower, seeing as how that’s where you’ll get your pragmatic benefits from. The higher the CBD content in your flower strain is, the more effective your flower will be.

Looking at the low-end of the spectrum, CBD hemp flowers should feature at least 5% CBD. Higher-end strains can easily sport 10%+ but with that additional presence comes additional cost.

Ultimately, you’ll need to assess how pervasive your medical needs are and get a strain that’s power matches what you’re looking to achieve and falls within your budget.

5. Seller Reputability

There are fly-by-night actors in the hemp marketplace that give reputable hemp flower organizations a bad name.

These unsavory sellers might overplay their hemp’s health benefits or CBD/THC concentrations in hopes of driving up prices. Products sold through these vendors may be impure, ineffective, and in some cases, could present health risks.

Given those possibilities, seller reputability should be a chief concern when you’re buying flowers. Assessing reputability can be accomplished via word-of-mouth referrals from family and friends, looking up online reviews, and trusting your gut when assessing a vendor.

6. Positive Strain Reviews

Even great sellers can sell bad hemp flower strains. Usually, these poor strains are well-known for being low-quality and offer a price to match their efficacy.

Sometimes though, bad strains carry poor prices.

To know for sure what you’re getting from the hemp flower you’re buying, take the time to research what popular flower strains are. Read reviews online so you can better appreciate what to expect across different use cases.

Knowledge from experience is power when it comes to flower shopping, so take the time to do your homework.

7. Growth Conditions

Finally, if you’re able, inspect the growth conditions from which your CBD hemp flower came from. Knowing the care that was taken when crafting your hemp flower can go a long way in helping you deduce how effective it’s likely to be.

Some hemp sellers will let you inspect their growth facilities, while others won’t. If you can’t gain access to where the hemp you’re buying grows, ask about things like humidity levels and pH levels used when watering.

The more your seller can speak to these conditions, the more confident you should feel in making your buy.

Finding the Best Hemp Flower for Sale Takes Patience

It’s easy to hop online and buy the first hemp flower you see. It’s hard to take a moment to understand your needs, do research on flower strains, growers, and locate the absolute best hemp flower for sale.

Believe us when we say that the hard work you put into finding the right hemp flower will pay off in spades when you go to use it.

We hope our post has instilled confidence in your shopping experience. Should you need more tips on sourcing the perfect hemp, we welcome you to explore additional content on our blog.

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