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Best Earphones Under 500

The current market is full of several brands of earphones, and headphones. And what is most intriguing is that every brand boasts to provide the best earphones in India. India has always been a price-sensitive place. Before buying anything, we have a tendency to have a sneak peek at the price of the products we are buying. This has made the marketer go with a new category of headphones, which is “ Best earphones under 500 in India”.

This very nature of the Indians has controlled the Indian market. The same thing goes for the earphone market as well. Due to the price-sensitive customers and audiences, the best earphone brands have come up with a different range of earphones. And the best part of these earphones is that you can get them for under 500 rupees only.

With the current hype going in the market, the brands have launched several models of earphones that can be considered a great catch as best earphones under 500 in India.

To make things simple for you, we have come with an earphone guide, that will help you choose some of the pocket-friendly best headphones under 500.

Types of Headphones

Let’s start with the basics. If you have ever used headphones then there is a chance that you might be aware of them. If not, then just keep reading. There are basically three types of heard phones:

  • In-ear headphones.
  • On-ear headphones.
  • Over-ear headphones.

Let’s just unfold their features and see what each type of hearing has to offer.

1. In-ear headphones

These kinds of headphones are usually the headphones that you get with the phone you buy or with the MP3 player and your best mobiles. In-ear headphones are the simplest form of headphones that you can get in the market. These headphones come with earbuds that fit perfectly into the ear.

There are many reasons to go with the in-ear headphones and the most probable reason would be that they are easily portable and you can find the best earphones under 500.


  • Portability:

    They are easily portable from one place to another. As they are super lightweight and minimalist designs, they can be accrued be anywhere.

  • Noise isolation:

    The in-ear earbud creates a layer that protects the sound from escaping out.

  • Go perfectly with exercise:

    Whether you are jogging or doing your daily gym routine, in-ear heard phones can really help you get the best out of your exercise.


  • Low-quality sound:

    This is the only reason why most people don’t go for in-ear headphones. Most of the earphones are made up of low-quality elements. This directly affects their audio quality output.

2. On-ear headphones

Moving up to the next level, you will find the on-ear heard phones that just barely covers your ear. These headphones do not actually go into your ear canal, rather than just sit on top of your ear covering the canal passage. And the band that supports the two cup goes either behind your head or rest on your head. But the position of the two speaker cups stays on your ears. 


  • Portable:

    As you can carry the in-ear headphones, you can also carry them over the ear headphones. These headphones are usually used by people who want to enjoy good quality sound effects and music. 

  • Bigger batteries

    With the bigger size, there is more room for bigger batteries. That means you can enjoy your music session for a longer period of tie.


  • Hard to carry:

    When it comes to carrying around the on-ear headphones, it is surely challenging as compared to the in-ear headphones. If you have a bag, then you can just throw your headphones in there. If not, then think about a place where you can keep them when not using them.

  • Lacks noise isolation:

    It lacks noise cancellation that you used to enjoy with the in-ear headphones.

3. Over-ear headphones

Over-the-ear headphones are the largest headphones that you can get in the market. It is even larger than the on-ear headphones. Over-the-ear headphones cover the whole ear and even provide noise isolation features. This headphone type caters to all the features that you can get from a combined effort of the in-ear and on-ear headphones.


  • High-quality sound:

    Over-the-earphones probably sound the best because of the over-the-ear cups. Not only do they have isolation features but also cater to the best quality sound effects.

  • Long battery support:

    With the bigger in size, it has more space to have bigger batteries for long-lasting power backup.

  • Comfort:

    Most probably these headphones are the best suited. It has cushion stiffer ear cups that provide comfort to your ears. In addition, they are also the best bass headphones that offer some of the best dynamic basses.


  • Inconvenient to carry:

    As they are huge, they need a personal bag to carry them.

  • Expensive:

    Probably the most expensive headphones of all the types.

Final Thoughts

Every type of headphone comes with its own preferable pros and dangerous cons(make sure to take prevention against them). Before buying one make sure that you are buying the right headphones for yourself.

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