Seven Best Flea And Ticks Treatment For Dogs

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The internet is full of cute videos showing the heart-melting behaviors of animals. We all want to be loved unconditionally, and when it comes to pets, they are the best at this job.

Dog owners are usually found to be more positive and happy as compared to those who do not own any pets. A dog is a man’s best friend. This friend of yours can wait for you to return home and greet in the cutest way possible by roaming around you with a wagging tail. They are the best non-verbal communicators around us. If you are sad or depressed, you will always find your four-legged friend sitting beside you for your support.

On the other hand, they can also keep you on your toes by tearing off your favorite pair of slippers or the toy you have just bought. As compared to the love, we get from these feline creatures; we can always ignore the little mischiefs they do.

Pets demand continuous care and require their health to be checked. If you observe your dog sleeping restlessly, scratching itself more than usual, and remains anxious all the time, you might need to check for the presence of any ticks and fleas. Dogs are more prone to be infested. If you notice fleas and ticks, you must rush towards your vet to give you a solution to flea & tick treatment for dogs. You can also take preventive and easy-to-treat measures for your dog at home. Of course, investing in dog insurance is a smart choice, too.

Here are the seven Best Flea And Ticks Treatment For Dogs:

1. Flea bath and Shampoo

Encountered fleas on your dog’s fur? You can rush to your nearest pet store and pick an anti-fleas shampoo. This works similarly to that of anti-lice shampoo for humans. It might not be a permanent solution for your pet as it only targets the mature fleas and might leave room for the larva to show up.

2. Topical insecticides

This is a long-lasting solution as compared to flea baths. You can easily find topical insecticides with active ingredients like pyrethrin, permethrin, and fipronil. These topical insecticides can easily be applied at the back of your dog, between its shoulders. Once applied, try not to let your dog touch itself for 2 or 3 hours till the medicine is absorbed completely. The effect of these topical insecticides can last up to 90 days. However, in case of a severe infestation of ticks and fleas, you can re-apply after a month.

3. Anti-Fleas and ticks collar

They are even more effective than topical insecticides. These non-greasy and odorless collars are formulated for targeting fleas and ticks on your dog. Having a tick collar around your dog’s neck is highly effective against fleas, ticks, nymphs, and larvae. All you need to make sure is that your pet does not wets the collar or else you will have to buy a new one.

4. Natural Sprays

Want to protect your friend from fleas and ticks in a non-chemical way?  You can always pick an organic spray consisting of peppermint oil and clove extract. It will help to keep the ticks and flea away from your dog. You can also spray it on the areas your dog loves to roam or sit around. It is not a monthly treatment, but it can make your ticks’ prevention mission successful.

5. Medicinal chews

Oral pills are readily available for treating ticks and fleas. They can be easily found in the form of regular pills or flavored chews. If you are having issues in administering pill orally to your dog, you can switch to your dogs’ favorite flavored chews which contains the medicine concealed under the flavor. It is a tricky yet effective way to treat ticks and fleas.

6. Insect Growth Regulator

Insect growth regulators are available in pills. You can easily get it from a veterinarian. These will help to stop fleas’ manifestation, kill larvae, and cause eggs not to hatch. Other than pills you can also find IGR sprays and dips to stop fleas and ticks attacking your fur baby.

7. S-Methropene and Fipronil

These two are the most famous active ingredients to combat ticks and fleas troubling your dog. There are sprays that you can easily find, and this is by far one of the permanent solutions to get rid of fleas and ticks forever. It will save your visits to the vet and will keep an infestation at bay.


Being a dog owner can keep you worried regarding the health of your best friend. Just like we cannot see our kids in trouble, the same goes for dogs. If they are in trouble or restless, you will be thinking of the quickest ways to find relief for your dog. Ticks and fleas can be found in your backyard or gardens and even parks. If your dog has encountered some, do not worry and start looking for anti-fleas and ticks spray in your nearby pet stores. A healthy pet will keep you happy too.

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