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Welltorrent is one of the most popular torrent sites. It allowed you to download your favorite movies, video games, PDFs, apps, software, eBooks, etc. Some Internet Service Providers or ISPs and governments have banned the site, and it can be frustrating if you cannot download anything from it. 

However, you can still access the data from other WellTorrent alternatives. There are many torrent sites available on the internet, but every site is not a good option. Therefore, I have listed the top eight torrent sites from where you can download your favorite movie, web series, or game. 

One important thing to note, torrenting is not legal in many countries. So here I am writing it to make you aware of this fact. You can keep your identity secret by using a VPN that will hide your IP address from your ISPs. 

Best WellTorrent Alternatives

Here is the list of similar torrent sites from which you can download movies, games, web series, and other files for free. 

13377x Search Engine

13377x Search Engine

13377x Search Engine is regarded as the best alternative for WellTorrrent. It’s one of the most popular and well-organized torrent sites that offers you the latest movies and games.

All you need is to use a proxy server to get access to the content of this site. The user interface of this site is simple, attractive, and easy to navigate. You can simply visit the site and enter the file you need in the search bar, and hit enter. 


In 2018, it was one of the biggest and best torrent sites for twelve months. The user-interface is green in color and very attractive. Search the files you want in the search bar, and you can find different magnet links to your search. 

Moreover, it’s one of the best torrent sites in terms of its catalog. The library of this site is updated every hour, making it one of the most significant collections of movies. 

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the largest and best WellTorrent alternatives. However, it’s previously banned in many countries and by ISPs. But now it comes back with the largest collections of movies and other files. 

The Pirate Bay lists the hottest torrents that go hand-in-hand with the list of WellTorrent. It’s referred to as the most crucial torrent site on the web today. 


Initially, RARBG was a Bulgarian torrent site; it’s now based in Amsterdam. This WellTorrent alternative is quite popular for the latest updates and its vast collections. 

Interestingly, it indexes different types of files in its database. You can download movies, games, web series, PDFs, and ebooks from this site. 



ExtraTorrent gives you access to a vast collection of hyperlinks. It’s one of the largest torrent sites, indexing several types of files. Although it’s not as great as WellTorrent, the platform offers feedback on different magnet links. You can see the health of the torrents before downloading them. 


It’s also a great WellTorrent alternative with the best motion pictures. It indexes the most recent motion pictures with good quality and low bitrates.  It will make the search better and the experience nicer. 

If you want to download any latest movies or files, then YTS gives you unique collections. Honestly, it has made its place with its unique quality and kind of content.


When you search for WellTorrent, one of the best torrent sites you might find on the internet is TorrentDownloads. The platform indexes high-quality magnet links with the latest collection of movies, games, and software programs. 


IsoHunts is also a great WellTorrent alternative with various types of content. You can use this site to download the latest movies, games, software files for free. However, you need to use the mirror sites to get access to the torrent links. A mirror site is nothing but the proxy sites that are banned due to any privacy reasons.


It is an alternative option for WellTorrent which is quite good considering it is available and accessible worldwide. The outlook of the website is very similar to Google search bar however, the way it works is quite different.

The website is gaining popularity where one of the features is the user interface is dark. The dark theme is quite interesting and gives a past performance. The type of content that is available in this site is a huge collection of TV shows, ebooks, images, movies and music.

You can perform both torrent search and image options hence, it is one of the best options so it gives you an edge over torrent search engines. One of the biggest advantages of using this site is that you can filter the content based on language preference.

One of the drawbacks of the site is that it does not autocorrect the spelling mistakes or the autocorrect typos even after being powered by Google search. This can be a serious issue as the search result that comes out is wrong.


Another alternate option for WellsTorrent that you can use to search for different types of content such as music, games, movies, software, TV shows and ebooks. The website is accessible and available across the world.

Some of the best features of the website is that all the torrent uploads are verified. There are also advanced search modes along with in-built search. If you use this search engine, you will realize that it is quite similar to Torrentz2.

You can conduct three types of search such as multi-search, full search and exact search. There are different ways of searching through channel based evaluation and world discovery.

How Can You Access a Blocked Torrent Website?

With the internet at our disposal, we think that every content is there for us to consume. However, there are certain websites on the internet that are banned for the visitor. These kinds of websites are known as torrent websites. These websites are well known among users. They offer free content from every niche.

Whether you are looking for video content, audio content, the latest movies, web series, and TV shows, you can get it all for free on torrent websites. This is the reason why many nations have banned most of the torrent websites. Even after the torrent sites are banned, there are ways in which you can get access to the sites.

Use Proxies URL

Use Proxies URL

Proxies URLs also are known as Proxy servers. These servers are the branch server of the main server but have the exact content. The URL of these servers might feel the same as if you are using the main website, but after taking a closer look, you will be able to find that difference. Every torrent website has several proxy servers to safeguard themselves from cybersecurity.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network

Though proxy servers might be the best way to aces the torrent website, using VPN is even better. With the VPN services, you will be able to cover up your digital footprints. VPN helps the user to mask the original IP address with a fake IP address. This practice makes it difficult for cybersecurity.

There are several VPN service providers in the market. So be very cautious while selecting a VPN service for yourself. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the top WellTorrent alternatives, you can use any of these torrent sites. However, you need to use proxy servers to access most of the torrent sites. The main reason is most of the sites are not legal due to privacy and licensing reasons. 

Remember, torrenting is neither legal nor a safe practice. Therefore, you need to be careful while using any of these torrent sites. Never use these sites without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your system from ISPs. Don’t forget to use an antivirus program as torrenting can download viruses or malware to your computer.

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