Boost your Productivity in Diamond Drilling

Scienceby Mashum Mollah02 December 2019

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is such a promising enterprise. And it is, especially if you know the tricks to boost productivity and improve the results. Believe it or not, simply choosing to use top quality construction drilling tools can make a huge difference.

Investing in a Good Quality of Equipment

The quality of your tools is an all-important factor that may make or break the outcome of your drilling efforts. Naturally, you get the results that you pay for so don’t be afraid to spend on your tools. This is one of those times when buying cheap won’t cut it.

Cheap tools can have a serious impact on your productivity. For one, the drill rod can break prematurely, as you are deep into penetration, causing you to pause and troubleshoot. The time wasted for pausing and putting the trouble right already steals away some precious times for your opportunity to drill as many diamonds as you can find.

For another, choosing the right tools has a lot to say about drilling performance. Choose a substandard drilling tool and all your efforts will go to waste. Diamond drilling is such a promising enterprise. Choose a suitable drill and you will be able to penetrate through, whatever the ground conditions might be. The countless types of construction drilling tools available are meant to ensure that you are able to deal with different ground conditions efficiently.

Take note of the following when choosing your tools:

Get the right size:

The size of the drill bit has so much to do with the drilling performance. So always choose the most suitable size that will penetrate through your target without breaking a sweat.

Know your drills:


There are a handful of different diamond drills. Each is designed in a different style and size to serve a specific purpose. Before making a purchase, always make sure that you have carefully studied the drilling conditions to find the most suitable drill bit style to come into the battle with.

Learn a few things about troubleshooting:

When something happens and you do not have the slightest idea of troubleshooting, you will be stuck and see no progress. When you buy your tools, make sure that you also try to learn a few things about minor repairs, just in case. How to take out debris that’s stuck in the core, what kind of lubricant to use, and things like that.

To be able to continue supplying your market with high-quality stones, you have got to improve your company’s productivity in diamond drilling. There are many ways you can do that but for a start, you have to seriously consider the weapons or tools that you come to battle with. Such tools are significant in allowing you to achieve the results that you wanted without much trouble.

Having the tools and equipment and staying organized are the best ways to get optimum results. Before you take a plunge into a project, make sure you are well prepared, make sure that you have everything you need, from drilling equipment to consumables.

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