Brain Damage and Encephalomalacia – The A to Z

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The control center of your body, the brain, is part of the nervous system. The nervous system includes your spinal cord, brain, and an entire network of neurons and nerves. From your senses to your muscles, the nervous system controls everything. Even a small damage to your brain can affect your sensation, your memory and at times even your personality. A brain disorder is any disability or condition that affects the functioning of your brain and it could be the result of a genetic disorder, an illness, a traumatic injury.

Different types of brain disorders include Neurodegenerative disorders, tumors in the brain, mental diseases or disorders, traumatic and other brain injuries. Each disorder is different depending on the severity and symptoms. Encephalomalacia is one such brain damage that is characterized by softening or even loss of brain tissue and it’s extremely serious in nature. Depending on the underlying cause the softening could be spread widely or seen in a localized spot.  Visiting online resources such as Encephalomalacia: Find Best Doctors and Hospitals|Xpertdox can greatly help you find out needed information.

Different types of encephalomalacia :

Yellow softening :

The brain tissues appear to be in yellow which is a sign of a buildup of plaque within the arteries of the human brain.  This is usually seen in victims who suffered a traumatic injury.

Red softening :

In this case, the tissue of the brain appears red due to the presence of blood and it’s commonly seen in patients who suffered from a brain hemorrhage.

White softening :

The region of the brain that is affected appears to be pale white or even yellow due to lack of supply of blood. This sign indicates that the brain cells are dead or severely damaged

Causes of Encephalomalacia :

1. Brain hemorrhage or stroke :

One of the most common causes of encephalomalacia is due to brain hemorrhage or stroke. Lack of blood supply to the brain tissues due to a stroke could damage or even destroy the brain cells.

2. Formation of scar tissue :

When the brain tissue is damaged due to brain hemorrhage it could result in a scar tissue. The contractions undergone by this area of tissue could eventually lead to encephalomalacia.

3. Blood being accumulated abnormally :

Sometimes, due to an abnormal swelling in the brain or due to the presence of a tumor could interrupt the flow of blood in the brain and this situation could result in encephalomalacia.

4. Traumatic injury to the brain :

A force that is strong enough could cause trauma to the skull and even damage the brain. An injury caused by a bullet and knife could also damage the brain tissues.

5. Some of the other causes :

Brain surgery, deterioration or degeneration of the human brain and cerebral infection could also result in encephalomalacia.

Symptoms :

  • Severe vertigo or spinning sensation of the head
  • Headaches that are extremely severe
  • Mood swings and loss of memory
  • Reduced coordination
  • Being clumsy
  • Feeling extremely drowsy
  • Temporary or permanent blindness

Any injury to the brain requires immediate attention from an experienced medical professional like a neurologist to prevent a permanent damage or even death of the patient.

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