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Dev & Designby Ariana Smith15 October 2018

Business Website

Designing and constructing your new business website is a huge step towards your overall success.  Without a business website, your organization is incomplete.  Your business website is home base for a global pool of consumers, and doing it right the first time is the goal.

If you’re not really sure where to begin in terms of laying out the construct of your business website, start by researching a few helpful hints.  Try reading through this brief look into a few of the most critical sections your website will need to form an engaging end result.

Every business website needs a blog:

Never forget to add the “Blog” section to your business website.  Adding a blog to your business website is a perfect excuse to create more “brand-centered” content on the internet.  The more content your business has floating around, the more likely users are to run into your creations.

Be sure to fill your business blog section with content which highlights the industry with which you operate.  Take a brief look at this manufacturing blog, for instance.  All their posts have something to do with their specialization.

Always encourage communication:

Communication is at the heart of success in life and in business.  Your business website needs plenty of room for communication, and it’s critical that you add a “Contact Us” page to your design.

Your website’s “Contact Us” page should have several different avenues for people to utilize to contact someone in your organization.  You should also add a place for visitors to leave their contact information for follow-up communication.

Tell web users something intriguing:

Your business website needs a section where users can go to learn about the heart of your operation.  Your website’s “About Us” section should aim to build a rapport with visitors during their brief encounter.

Fill the page with information about your organization’s mission and purpose.  People want to know it’s all about more than just money.  Write a few short spots, featuring some of the most influential professionals in your organization.

Answer repetitive questions for visitors:

You will often encounter questions that just keep coming back.  Questions such as this are perfect candidates for your website’s “FAQ” section.

Your “Frequently Asked Questions” section will not only clear up simple issues for users, but it will take a load off of your customer service representatives (which is probably you, if you’re running a small business).

Display what you have to offer:

Last, but not least, your business website needs a hot spot to display what you have to offer.  Create a “Products & Services” page for your site, so web users can browse everything your business can do to better their lives.

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