How to Buy the Right Hot Water System

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Buy the Right Hot Water System

Did you know that the average 4-person Australian household uses about 530 liters of water per day? Much of that is hot water that is used for washing clothes and dishes, taking showers, and other cleanliness activities.

Having to heat all that water is a lot of work, no wonder your hot water system is seeming a bit tired! Before it goes out completely, take some time to learn how to buy the right hot water system so you’re ready when it does.

Types of Hot Water Systems-

Types of Hot Water Systems

There are a few types of hot water systems that you can choose from. Each has its pros and cons. Some are cheaper to install and others have lower running costs. While all modern water heating systems are getting more efficient, some types are still better for the environment than others.

Let’s take a look at the main ones to help you decide.


Electric systems are popular for their easy installation and inexpensive upfront costs. Because of the price of electricity they can be more expensive to run.

A typical continuous system runs whenever it needs to heat more water. However, you can save money by using an off-peak system that is designed to only heat water at night when the electricity tariff is lower. You’ll need a larger tank for storage with this system.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas is a good choice for easy installation if you have the connection. The system is more expensive upfront but running costs are lower. Plus, because the price of gas doesn’t change throughout the day you don’t have to worry about trying to use it more during off-peak hours.


Solar-powered systems are an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious. This hot water system installation is a bit more work and pricier, but there may be government discounts you can take advantage of to bring the price down. It is also offset by very minimal running costs.

Heat Pump:

A heat pump is usually electric but is more efficient because it works by using the ambient heat in the air to heat the water. Installation is easy, but the system works best in a hot or at least moderate climate.

Heating Methods:

Once you decide on your energy source, it’s time to think about the heating method. There are two methods — continuous and storage tank.

A continuous system heats the water “instantly” as you need it. Of course, it isn’t really instantaneous and you might sometimes have to wait for it. These systems are usually gas, though they can be electric.

A storage tank system heats the water and then holds it in a tank, ready to come rushing when you turn on the tap. This system is less efficient due to heat loss from the tank, but this can be minimized with insulation.

Choosing the Best System:

Which hot water system is best for you will depend on your household’s water usage as well as which factors are most important to you. The main thing is to find a reputable company to help you make the right choice.

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