The Secret’s Out! Businesses, Celebrities And Influencers Are BUYING Their Instagram Followers

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Instagram followers

Over the past few years, there’s been a rise in companies selling Instagram followers, likes, and views to Instagram users wishing to elevate their social media status.  However, almost every company promising to do the above will only deliver fake, spam, or inactive Instagram followers.  

It’s caused a huge problem for Instagram, who’ve had to deactivate, “deplatform” or even suspend Instagram accounts because buying Instagram followers is strictly forbidden and violates community guidelines.  It’s understandable why buying likes, followers, or views for Instagram is prohibited.  

Why Buying Popularity Is One Of The Best Options?

Why Buying Popularity Is One Of The Best Options?

Why would any social media platform want to be plagued by bots, fake accounts, and inactive users?  However, it appears that the problem of buying Instagram followers’ popularity has reversed because of new technology that entered the market a couple of years ago and has grown to cult status for businesses, Influencers, and celebrities.  

1. Using Specialist Technology to Identify Quality Instagram Users

Some marketing businesses have especially been founded to respond to the need of those wishing to build their social media presence – but with genuine users who fit with their brand values and are highly active on Instagram.  

Surely that’s an impossible task?  Where do you find the right Instagram users and get them to follow and interact with other accounts?  

Well, there are some emerging businesses that seem to have found the right specialist technology and methodology to do just that, and it’s proving invaluable for businesses and brands looking to build their social media presence.  

2. Change Up Your Social Media Strategy and Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re working hard on your social media marketing calendar with the main aim of elevating your Instagram and generating leads that convert, buying Instagram followers should be a part of your strategy. 

If you’ve just drawn in a big breath, don’t be quite so surprised!  Other businesses are doing it. There are countless celebrities buying followers, and Influencers are also keeping their follow count high by purchasing their views, likes, and followers, and it makes sense.

3. Using Targeted Marketing

This new tech is different.  It’s targeted marketing that uses specialist, bespoke technology to identify quality Instagram users.  Once it’s attracted those users to its service (and that part remains a closely-guarded secret, but it does involve extensive market research), it applies science.

Each Instagram user is carefully categorized using demographics.  The categories from different databases are based on age, gender, location, behavior, preferences, hobbies, interests, education, and much more.  

So, any business looking to buy followers for Instagram followers using this type of tech gets a close-match – even an exact match – to their industry sector, replicating buying personas.  It’s simply a question of downloading those followers to your Apple or Android device.  Influencers and celebrities have already tapped into this type of Instagram marketing, and it really works.  

The followers are tailored to specifics, so they will engage, and they will enjoy the content that’s shown to them.  It’s more than just buying followers; it’s buying users that want to know about what you’re selling or about the service you’re offering.  It’s genius!

4. A Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

A Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Of course, an Instagram followers marketing strategy for social media is a priority for any business, celeb, or Influencer, and this type of Instagram marketing should be a factor of that strategy.  It’s cheaper than hiring an external marketing team, and it’s more effective buying followers and likes, because the process delivers authentic followers on-tap. 

So, rather than waiting weeks to see growth, it’s fairly instant.  It’s also cost-effective, and you won’t blow your marketing budget on a huge campaign, so you’ll leave plenty in the pot for other marketing activities. 

The other added bonus is that it also helps with organic growth because those followers should engage.  When they share your posts or tag your business or brand name, they’ll be showcasing what you do to their own followers, and they’re also carefully selected through the technology discussed above because they have a solid following of their own.

The real beauty of using a specialist marketing tech company isn’t just that the technology solely concentrates its efforts on Instagram (the platform has over 1 billion monthly users and continues to grow). Neither is it the fact that all of its users are absolutely genuine (although that’s the most important factor). It’s that the companies using this tech are safe.  


As they’re tech-facing and employ extraordinary specialist techniques to gather their data, these new businesses are revolutionizing social media use.  Now, there’s no harm in buying Instagram followers. For many companies, Influencers, and celebs, it’s simply par for the course.

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