How to calm down: 6 Things to Do When you’re Anxious or Angry

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Have you ever found yourself overreacting to a situation and doing things that you later regret? Well, it normally happens to many people but you shouldn’t let it go to that extent. Anyone can get angry or anxious but the difference is how people react. The following tips will help you to come down whenever you’re stressed.

1. Step away from the stressor :

You’re advised to take some break from whichever thing or whoever is making you angry. Move away from the people who’re making you be stressed for a while. May it be your relatives, workmates or is the work itself. A short break will do you wonders and you’ll be able to figure things out alone. Again you may overreact if you decide to stay close to your source of stress and do something that you’ll regret afterward.  E.g.  Hitting a person badly.

2. Breathe deeply :

The technique of taking a long breath whenever you’re stressed will help you to be relieved for a while. You simply need to look for a private space, breathe in slowly through your mouth and fill your lungs, then release your breath again slowly through your mouth. You can also sit down alone and start meditating as well.

3. Lough loudly :

Laughing out loud is good for your health. It helps you to relax and is acts also as an immune booster. So go ahead and connect with that person that makes you laugh until your ribs are in pain. You can also engage yourself with your favorite comedy movies to laugh your lungs out and forget about your anger.

4. Open up :

Whenever you speak out about what is stressing you, you always feel relieved. So open up to a close friend who is definitely not the one who caused you stress.  Or discuss with anyone you care to listen and you’ll feel better. You can also tell it to your partner for good comfort and a warm hug. See more fun Things To Do With your Gf.

5. Distract yourself :

Outdoor activities will help you to come down fast whenever you’re stressed. You can try activities such as running, riding, hiking or swimming. Doing exercises and taking a healthy snack can also distract your mind.

You can as well distract your mind by thinking about your previous happy moments.

6. Sing or write it down :

For those of you who love singing, go ahead and sing out loud to forget about your frustration moment. Or else take a paper and pen and write your journal.

Taking a hot bath is another technique that makes you relaxed and calm.

You should be able to come yourself down as soon as you practice the above tips. Also, think about the people who care about you and if possible go and stay with them for the time being, so as not to take any stupid actions. However, you should know that the best cure for your feelings is time, and with time you’ll be good and forget about your anger.

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