Canada PM Trudeau And Wife Sophie Files Divorce After 18 Years Of Marriage!  

News by  Ankita Tripathy 03 August 2023

Canada PM Trudeau And Wife Sophie Files Divorce

In recent news, it has been made known that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire has decided to part ways after eighteen long years of marriage. Trudeau becomes the second Prime Minister to divorce his wife while holding office. Interesting, the first PM to do so was his father Pierre Trudeau in 1984.

On his Instagram post, the Canada PM mentioned that they have arrived at this conclusion after “many meaningful and difficult conversations.”

Last year, to celebrate their 17th year of marriage, Sophie tool to Imnstagram to share her thoughts about long term relationships. She stated “long-term relationships are challenging in so many ways. They demand constant work, flexibility, compromise, sacrifice, devotion, patience, effort, and so much more.”

Trudeau and Sophie were married in 2005, and as a result of their union, they have three children: Xavier, 15, Ella-Grace, 14, and Hadrien, 9. Despite their decision to part ways as a couple, they have decided to stick together in their parental duty. Despite the divorce, they have vowed to raise their kids as a cohesive family and underlined their devotion to ensure their well-being.

The news of the pair’s separation has stunned a lot of people worldwide. Many people are shocked by this revelation because Trudeau and Sophie were well-liked in Canada and around the world.

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