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Real Estateby Ariana Smith16 November 2019

Advanced Homes

If you had the money, wouldn’t you want to turn your house into a technological marvel? Wouldn’t it be to live in a home-like Tony Stark’s in the Iron Man movies? Just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up to a group of robots attending to your every need. Do you want your home as one of the advanced homes?

Fortunately, it’s easier these days to turn science fiction into reality. For instance, many companies provide Savant home automation in Utah, turning houses home into tech hubs where homeowners can monitor their house even when they’re away. Technological advancements have also made it possible to watch your favorite movies in your theater room, equipped with the latest entertainment systems.

Utah has many companies that delve into this kind of service so you’ll have plenty of suppliers at your beck and call. If you want some ideas and inspiration on how to turn your home into a tech hub, check out these highly advanced homes.

 A-List of the Most Advanced Homes in the World:


The Harbour Hide:

Located in Dorset, UK, this technologically-advanced home is every gadget geek’s fantasy residence. That’s because there is an Android tablet in every room, which you can use to adjust and control the house’s various systems.

For instance, if you want to pull up the blinds because the sun is too warm, you can use the tablet to control the blinds. If your bedroom is too cold, you can use the tablet to warm it up a bit. If you want to watch your favorite film, you can access it through your tablet and set up your entertainment room – all with the press of a button.

Xanadu 2.0:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the man who revolutionized computer technology also has a technologically advanced home. Bill Gates’ Lake Washington home, referred to as Xanadu 2.0, is quite the technological marvel.

According to reports, every guest who enters Gates’ home will receive a pin with data that includes the individual’s room temperature preference, music choices, and more. So, whenever that individual moves from one room to the next, the room they enter will automatically adjust the temperature to suit their preference. Additionally, every room has a speaker embedded on the wall. When the guest moves from room to room, the songs from his playlist will be played no matter where he goes.

The Heliotrope:

If you’re the environmentalist type, then you will love the Heliotrope. Located in Freiburg, Germany the Heliotrope is equipped with movable solar panels that power up the whole house. The solar panels automatically change the position to absorb as much solar energy as possible.

Also, this house collects rainwater and filters it to be used inside. On top of that, even human waste is reused. According to reports, instead of sending human waste into sewers, this house has a filtration system that turns human waste into odorless material which can be used as a fertilizer.

Although, it would be a while before you’ll be able to fly like Iron Man, the technological fantasies from decades ago are now available in homes across the world. If you want to gather some ideas for your home renovation, use the ones above. You’re sure to be the envy of your neighbors if you turn your home into a modern gadget hub or into modern advanced homes.

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