How to Choose the Right Jacket For Your Personality

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Right Jacket

A right jacket is used to protect the body from cold weather. Exposure to a cold environment is bad.

As a consequence, the body suffers from blood circulation insufficiency, depriving other parts of oxygen.

Nowadays, jackets are used not only to serve as protective clothing but also for fashion.

Many manufacturers ventured into the production of different types of jackets.

Because of its high demand, renowned companies are in search of the lowest Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) from manufacturers.

The popularity of using the right jacket paved the way for a low MOQ clothing manufacturer to sell tons of products.

1. Production


The need for mass volume jacket production allowed producers to catch up with its demand.

A low MOQ clothing manufacturer holds the advantage of making the right jackets using its OEM services.

Many companies compete to offer customers the lowest MOQ.

Offering OEM services to jacket companies benefits both manufacturer and seller. Wholesale production is good in availing discounts and other services.

Using the design and specifications of a seller, the manufacturer can create high-quality products.

Because of the evolution of jackets, many styles have been made. Depending on its use, a jacket may come in different forms.

Each has its unique features and distinct design.

For instance, the Fangyuan Jackets come in various types like Parka, Seam Taped, Lightweight, Softshell, and Quilted jackets.

A suitable right jacket must be used depending on the occasion.

The distinct features of each type of jacket add value to why you should choose them. Picking the wrong one will not serve its purpose and might mean trouble in the future.

2. Parka Jacket

A parka jacket is known for its long cut and is usually used during cold weather.

Its waterproof quality makes it a suitable choice during winter. If you live in a place with a cold climate, using a parka jacket helps you with insulation.

The parka jacket is specially designed to keep your body warm and protect you from rain or snow.

The development of parka jackets made of fur offers more comfort and warmth. Its design gave birth to the beginning of a new fashion trend.

Fur parka gives the satisfaction of a soft sensation on the skin while keeping your body warm.

With the constant improvement of its design, hooded parka jackets are made. It adds insulation to the head.

Parka jackets can protect you from the wind and keep your head warm during the winter season.

If you don’t want the bulky design of a parka jacket, using the fishtail parka gives you a sense of fashion design.

3. Seam Taped Jacket

Seam Taped Jacket

Depending on the jacket design, using seam tape will enhance its waterproof capability.

Using a polyurethane film, this material is placed beneath the seams to prevent water from getting inside stitch holes.

The water-repelling capacity depends on how well a jacket is made.

If you find yourself running errands during the rainy season, a seam-taped jacket is best. No matter where you go, you have the assurance of staying dry.

Walking in the rain will get you wet if you use low-grade jackets.

To ensure utmost protection, the best thing to do is to look for a seam-taped jacket. Regardless of what design you like, just make sure to get maximum waterproof protection.

4. Lightweight Jacket

Lightweight Jacket

The downside of using a jacket is its bulky size.

If you find it difficult and inconvenient to use a full-sized jacket, you can use the easier lightweight version.

It’s made of high-quality material that offers the same protection as the full-sized jacket.

Lightweight jackets are convenient and easy to use. You can carry them almost anywhere. It can be easily placed inside a bag or carried around.

Some lightweight jackets are made of fleece. This adds more comfort and satisfaction to your skin.

Hooded versions of lightweight jackets are also available. The hood protects you from wind and cold.

This helps keep yourself warm and well-insulated.

5. Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets are made of high-quality material suitable for casual use. Its simple and unique design is perfect for company branding. You can use it as a giveaway to encourage customers to patronize their products. With the company logo on its design, people will never forget your brand. Softshell jackets can be easily embroidered with statement designs or a brand logo.

You can explore free embroidery patterns to add unique and eye-catching details to enhance the jacket’s appearance. Its convenient appearance makes it suitable for casual use. You can easily carry it with your hands or simply wear it around. Softshells have an advantage when it comes to maneuverability and style.

6. Quilted Jacket

A quilted jacket is made from insulation materials stitched in between to produce a puffy appearance.

This type of jacket is perfect for the cold season. The puffy appearance of a quilted jacket makes it breathable while giving the best insulation.

It helps the body conserve heat and prevents skin irritation because of its puffed sections.

Stitches made on quilted jackets give their unique appearance and fashion statement.  It can be used as a pillow when folded inside its back neck pocket. Quilted jackets became popular in the market. Its high demand made it an item for production by manufacturing companies.


Exposure to a cold environment constricts your blood vessels, making the passage of your blood narrow.

If this happens, blood circulation becomes impeded and makes other body parts get less oxygen. The low oxygen supply to areas exposed to the cold environment will result in slow tissue death.

This is one of the main reasons why we experience frostbite.

Each style falls into different categories like softshell jackets, quilted jackets, and lightweight jackets.

Be sure to choose the right jacket that suits the occasion and offers you maximum protection.

Aside from that, it’s also important to wear a face mask and have your own hand sanitizer for protection during this pandemic.

Don’t forget to keep yourself protected from the cold, but also make sure to stay safe.

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