Choosing the Best Japanese Skin Care Lotion

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Japanese Skin Care Lotion

People’s interest in Japanese skin care routine is increasing because of the fact that these are better products than what people usually use. Japan is a unique nation because it always provides better products than what the companies develop in the western world. Whether it is technology or beauty routine, Japanese companies always come with more affordable and more effective solutions.

It takes only a few days to observe the changes when you are using Japanese skin care lotions. Their quality is different, properties are different, and ingredients are also different. That’s why numerous Canadians are now using Sakura Cosme to buy the best Japanese beauty and skin care products.

What is Sakura Cosme?

Sakura Cosme is an online platform that provides top quality Japanese skin care products in Canada. It is a fact that finding and buying the highest quality Japanese skin care products can be a daunting task for anyone living outside of Japan. Though the demands for these products are increasing in the western countries, the top Japanese skincare brands do not seem to promote their products a lot. Consequently, people do not know what to buy and where to buy.

Sakura Cosme is established to provide easy access to the top-selling Japanese beauty products. You can trust every product endorsed on this platform. There are makeup products, skin care lotions, and skin nourishing products that you may like to try in order to regain your natural beauty. These products work exceptionally well when it comes to nourishing damaged skin and curing issues which usually take a long time to get cured. You may have seen Japanese people who follow a sophisticated skin care routine to improve their natural appeal. Sakura Cosme provides products that can offer the same benefits without making it too complex for you to follow that routine.

Which are the best Japanese skin care lotions you can buy online?

Japanese skin care lotions

A number of brands are operating in Japan. Some of them strictly avoid the use of synthetic ingredients like harmful chemicals to prevent potential side-effects. You would obviously love to use products from these brands. Let’s check the products listed below to know what you should buy and why you should buy.

Hada Labo gokujyun lotion:

Hada Labo gokujyun lotion

It is not a name you hear quite often, especially when looking for a skin care lotion. This Japanese lotion is unique and getting pretty amazing reviews from the beauty experts across the globe. This includes five different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid that has amazed almost everyone who know what it is.

It is a humectant, which is widely included in skin care products as an ingredient to bind water and nourish the skin. This particular ingredient works exceptionally well when it comes to hydrating skin. People’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid for hydrating skin reduces with growing age. That’s why your skin looks dry and dehydrated as you grow older. The Hada Labo gokujyun lotion works to maintain the necessary quantity of hyaluronic acid in your skin so that your skin will remain hydrated and glowing for a long time.

This Japanese lotion is designed to hydrate the user’s skin. Though it is widely chosen by the Japanese people, it works great on all skin types. You will find it amazingly helpful if you want to revitalize your aging skin. The best way of applying this lotion would be using it right after taking bath. You should first apply this lotion before you use any other skincare product like ampoule, serum, or moisturizer. It is a bit watery lotion that you do not use pretty often but it is great for your skin. Your skin will absorb this lotion very quickly and therefore it will look hydrated and younger.

The beauty experts are pretty obsessed with this lotion and they are trying to reveal what else it can offer in addition to hydrating your skin. You may find it surprising that it can also be used for a lip treatment. This lotion is tasteless and unfragranced and therefore you can use it on your lips to keep them hydrated and glowing. Your lips will remain soft and moisturized during the dry days and consequently, you will not need to buy a different product for taking care of your lips.



The Kiku-Masamune is a Japanese sake brewing company. This might amaze you because here we are talking about skin nourishing lotion and the Kikumasamune specializes in brewing sake. Actually, this brand is also popular for producing sake-based skin care products that work exceptionally well as skin care lotion. The Japanese people have always trusted this type of products for brightening skin tone and softening the skin. It is a fact that sake can offer some amazing benefits when it comes to slowing down the aging process and offering the skin luster. More importantly, it is prepared from totally natural ingredients and therefore there will be no side effects.

The Kikumasamune is a sake skin lotion that you can use as a moisturizing toner. This lotion works to prepare your skin for absorbing more moisture than it usually does. This product includes moisturizing ceramide compounds along with fermented rice sake to benefit rough and dry skin. It does not make your sin sticky at all and that’s why you would love to try it.

This particular moisturizing lotion also provides a rich quantity of amino acids along with arbutin compounds and placentra extract. So, whenever you apply it on your skin, this lotion moisturizes your skin deeply and keeps it healthier for a long time. You should try this lotion if you are tired of trying other anti-aging products and did not get any positive results.

Final thoughts:

Japan’s special beauty products are available to you now and you must give them a try if you care a lot about how you look. These products have the potential of healing your skin and preventing the aging process for a long time. That is what most of us want and that’s why you should try Japanese skin care products.

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