Create A Magical Christmas For Your Kids

Kidsby Ariana Smith31 October 2017

Magical Christmas

it’s even more fun to make the season feel extra magical. Create wonderful memories for your little ones by building up the festive feeling in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and on the big day itself. These tips are simple, low-cost ways to make the holiday season super-special for your family.

Create A Magical Christmas For Your Kids:

Personalize their gifts:

For some unknown reason, kids love to put their name on everything. Make sure they feel like their holiday gifts have been wrapped just for them by Santa himself by using personalized Christmas sacks. Leave the sacks under the tree for them to find on Christmas morning, and include a special hidden note from Santa to build on the wonder and magic.

Leave out snacks for Santa and his friends:

We all leave a mince pie and milk for Santa to snack on when he comes to town, or whatever food your family tradition goes for, but don’t neglect Rudolph and co. Get your kids in the kitchen and make your own reindeer treats. Mixed cereals and nuts work well – or whatever your kids believe reindeers will love the most. Sprinkle them on the lawn on Christmas Eve for the reindeers to munch on when they visit. Hopefully, the birds do a good job of making the game complete.

Bake seasonal treats:

Baking is a great bonding activity for families, as well as being the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about cooking. Look up some festive recipes online and let the kids pick their favourite. Snowflake cookies are always a simple and easy one to start with, while gingerbread houses can make a great project for ambitious baking families.

Track Santa’s progress:

If your children love all things Santa-related, use an online Santa tracking website to follow his progress around the world on Christmas Eve. They’ll love watching him move from country to country and it’ll help them feel even more excited about his imminent arrival.

Decorate the house:

It’s easy to feel festive when your house is covered in Christmas decoration Make paper snowflake chains to decorate the kids’ rooms, use tinsel to jazz up the staircase, and hang fairy lights for a cozy magical atmosphere. Don’t worry about it looking tacky – it’s Christmas, after all.

Make a festive movie list:

Everyone has their favourite Christmas movies, whether it’s old classics like ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ or more recent hits like ‘Elf’. Let everyone in the family choose a favourite and hold a festive movie night each weekend in the month leading up to Christmas. Don’t forget the tasty snacks and Christmas treats while you watch.

Develop family traditions around the holidays:

Every family has their own special lifestyle and traditions. Nurture yours by ensuring that those little habits keep happening each year. They’ll help your children feel a sense of family unity and continuity from year to year, and will make the season feel special. These traditions can be seemingly minor, silly things, like unwrapping presents in your pyjamas or eating a certain meal on Christmas Eve, but they’ll be very important to your kids.

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