Cure Addiction Better Medication-Assisted Treatment

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Addiction to alcohol and opioids has become a common issue these days. These addictions always result in unhealthy individuals as well as society. Overcoming addiction is not an easy job. MedicationAssisted Treatment – “MTA,” a different approach, will help you in the recovery of addiction. This helps in improving overall behavior and mental health.

What is OPIOID Addiction?

What is OPIOID Addiction

For a few, Opioid dependence or addiction starts from taking pain killers, which contain substances like opiates, which lead to addiction. The mental and physical dependence on these opiates or an illegal drug like heroin is called opioid addiction. This addiction makes people take more doses of medication or heroin, which results in serious physical and mental health or may lead to death.

Symptoms: Uncontrollable craving for drugs, mentally unstable which affects both personal and professional life.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

MAT – Medication-Assisted treatment which is a combination of medications ( FDA approved drugs ) along with regulation of behavioral health and counseling. MAT helps people with opioid addiction, and it helps in a sustainable recovery. This is whole – patient approach method of treatment for addiction.

How MAT helps?

This method is clinically proven that effectively reduce the addiction and helps in detoxify individuals from their substance use disorder. MAT is not common for every individual. This is a tailored medication program and behavioral thready based on the need of the patient.

MAT helps in,

  • Improving patient lifestyle
  • Sustainable recovery
  • Helps to decrease intake of opioid
  • With counseling and medication, it helps to avoid criminal activities among people with opioid addiction
  • Gives back patient their professional and personal life

By research, MAT also plays a good role in treating people with chronic disease and disorder to live better.

Medication in MAT:

In this treatment, MAT use medications approved by FDA. These medications used in MAT helps in reducing cravings and opioid addiction symptoms. Usually, this addiction results in a chemical imbalance in the body, MAT help to stabilize it. Medication used here is not a substitute for drugs.

Medication for Opioid Addiction:

  • Generally, opioid addiction is treated with Buprenorphine and methadone.
  • For overdosage addictions, Naloxone is used in healing the toxicity in the body.
  • Medications used in MAT are safe and can be consumed even for a lifetime as per prescription.
  • Even stopping medications should be done after consulting with doctors.
  • Before taking any MAT medications, you should state to the doctor if there is any other health complication.

Misconception about MAT:

  1. MAT is substituting one addictive drug with another is the biggest myth. The medications of MAT are not a replacement for drugs.
  2. MAT is ineffective. This is also a thing believed by many. MAT takes time to improve your overall health. It results in long-lasting results.
  3. MAT give short – term result: Opioid addiction makes the people heath and body health worse. Taking medication and counseling as prescribed will recover the individual completely.


Everyone should know and avoid getting into any addiction. Parents should look after their kids and teens since prevention is always better than cure. Giving up an addiction needs more willpower. Medication-Assisted Treatment will help you with this effectively.

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