5 Dangerous Effects of Depression in Brain and Body and how to get Rid of it without Medicine with Medsbiotech CBD

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Depression may be the best-known psychopathology with a higher prevalence rate, along with others such as anxiety-related disorders. It is estimated that, in France alone, 25% of the population suffers from depression, and one-fifth of these people suffer from serious disorders. But some natural approaches have been shown to relieve symptoms of depression. One of the things we will discuss is the CBD. CBD is what is increasingly popular from day to day related to the benefits it contains. CBD also provides financial opportunities with the CBD Affiliate Program.

Discover the strange effects of depression

However, beyond the lack of hope, sadness, lack of energy and asthenia, the consequences of depression also develop in other areas that cause very strange changes in our personality and cognition.

1. Depression lowers brain size:

Research conducted by scientists at Yale University found that depression can cause a reduction in brain volume because neurons in some areas are smaller and lose density. As a result, the nerve connection is changed. To reach this conclusion, we study the brain tissue of people with and without depression, comparatively. It seems that this effect is caused by GATA1, a protein that contributes to the regulation of transcription of genetic material and which is activated in the brains of people affected by depression.

GATA1 inhibits the expression of several genotypes involved in the construction of synaptic connections, affecting the dimensions and complexity of dendrites, the basic agents for synapse. This volume loss not only causes changes in the effectiveness and cognitive capacity of the subject but also causes a decrease in prefrontal cortex mass, whose function is to facilitate decision making, control of impulses and emotional management

2. Depression obscures memory:

A study conducted at Brigham Young University revealed that depressive disorders caused a blurry effect on memory. For many years now, depression has been linked to damaged memory, but the mechanism that causes this phenomenon is unknown.

This study recruited subjects diagnosed with depressive symptoms, and others without psychopathological symptoms. The subject is exposed to a series of objects that appear on the screen. Then, the same object is presented to them, and they must show if they have seen it before, if some objects resemble those seen before, or if it is a new object that is not related to what was previously seen.

After studying the results, students noticed that subjects with depression had a greater tendency to confuse several objects, indicating they were similar to others who had appeared before. This shows that depression does not cause amnesia but decreases the accuracy of details. You can say that people with depression have less skilled memories, are blurred, and therefore cannot remember some details.

3. Depression encourages chronic pain in the joints, pain in the extremities and back pain:

If you are experiencing depression, you might be experiencing severe bodily pains as well. Science has found strong co-relations between depression and physical body pain. The levels of toxins in the body get triggered when the brain sends it a negative transmission. This happens routinely in depression patients.

4. Depression encourages heart disease:

The great Harvard University in a study found that people who are depressed stand a greater risk of experiencing heart problems than people who don’t have depression. In terms of chest pain, and stroke, the risk of getting affected rises from 2 to 5 times.

5. Depression worsens the immune system:

Depression is known to affect the immune system strong. Factors like ingestion and digestion are known to be severely crippled when one is experiencing depression. This makes the internal organs, especially the stomach, the intestines very vulnerable.

Depression has an addictive quality about it. This forces many people do not come out of experiencing mental trauma. People hold on to things, and this pain starts feeling normal and nice. The pain and suffering start becoming a part of everyday life.

Of course, it is possible that some people may have experienced depression before becoming addicted, but because depression is a known withdrawal symptom, it makes much more sense to get someone to undergo a healthy withdrawal without drugs. For decades, nutritionists have claimed that certain malnutrition can contribute to depression. Providing vitamin B complex supplements like vitamin C, supplements for calcium and magnesium, especially helps everyone to undergo withdrawal.

Using CBD:

CBD oil

CBD is not a drug and CBD edible are popular as the best solution to get rid of depression without drugs. In a study, mice showed the first improvement after 30 minutes receiving treatment with CBD, while in the long term they showed a total reduction in depressive symptoms such as lack of appetite for sugar and behavioral disorders. After analyzing the chemical process, it was found that cannabidiol stimulated the production of serotonin and glutamate. The results of this study are published in the April issue of the academic journal Neuropharmacology. In addition to the publication included results confirmed from previous studies which found that cannabinoids in flax plants reduce symptoms of depression and function to replace synthetic antidepressants, which usually have serious side effects.

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