Top Destinations For A Cycling Holiday In 2022

Travel by  Arnab Dey 25 January 2022

Cycling Holiday

Active holidays are becoming increasingly popular and cycling holidays epitomize this trend. On a cycling holiday, you can take in a new area, enjoy some picturesque scenery and bask in the warm weather – all while getting fitter and enjoying the rush of cycling! Below, we explore the top European destinations for a cycling holiday in 2022.

What Factors Do You Need To Look At Before Selecting A Cycling Destination?

The cycling holiday means you have to find places which you can explore by only riding your bicycle. So you have to find the places and the cities where bike riding on the street is allowed or have separate cycle tracks on the main roads. 

Let’s have a look at the few factors which you need to check before finalizing your cycling holiday destinations.

  • The bike track’s availability.
  • Traffic rules for cyclists in the city.
  • The registration certificates and the driving license.
  • Medical insurance and fitness certificates.
  • Essential safety gears for cycles.
  • Cycle depot places and public stands.

Every country has separate traffic rules, and some country’s cycle traffic rules are also distinct. So before selecting a country, check the complete pieces of information. And every time, carry your insurance and the fitness certificate with you.

5 Best Destinations For A Cycling Holiday In 2022

Cycling Holiday

Now I am going to discuss with you the top cycling destinations, which are the cyclist’s top preferences.

Here is the list of the five best travel destinations for your cycling holiday 2022.

1. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca has everything you could want on a cycling holiday. This is an excellent location, with the climate being just right for cycling on either side of summer. What’s more, you get stunning views from the island as you cruise down perfect, winding roads

The northern part of the island has the best routes. Cap de Formentor offers a stunning panorama along a sublime route: the 35km road from Port de Pollença to the tip of the cape is one for the bucket list.

2. Dolomites, Italy

This is a mountainous region on the border with Austria that makes for some challenging cycling. Passo Dello Stelvio, the highest road pass in the Italian Alps with an altitude of 2758m, represents just one of many daunting routes. 

And with many amateur races occurring here, this can be an excellent cycling holiday for the more competitive cyclists out there.

3. Algarve, Portugal

Cycling Holiday

Portugal has many different cycling holiday options, but the Algarve represents one of the best getaways for cycling. With a pleasant climate all year round and – outside of the summer – sparsely populated roads, the Algarve can be an excellent training ground. 

At 900m, Mount Foia is the highest peak in the region and ensures that you can get plenty of elevation practice.

4. Slovenia – Julian Alps (Vršič Pass and Mangart Saddle)

The Julian Alps in Slovenia offers you a tantalizing challenge. This is a breath-taking and rewarding trip for a cyclist with precipitous climbs and spectacular, unspoiled nature. 

Plus, with high-quality roads and a commitment to ecotourism, Slovenia is the ideal country for you to visit on a cycling holiday. The natural beauty and the smooth tracks make your traveling time the best experience.

5. Provence, France

If you’re into the cycling holiday tour de France, then Provence could be an ideal destination. Provence sits between the Alps and the Mediterranean and offers a superb arena for cycling. The sublime Mont Ventoux offers a challenging climb averaging 10% over 18km from the Bedouin villages. 

Meanwhile, amateur cyclists are able to follow the tour’s route themselves in their own race. Plus, you’ll be able to visit areas such as Monaco and Nice if you have the time.


Cycling holidays can be enormous fun. But it’s difficult to choose where to head. However, any of the above destinations in Europe can offer you the suitable climate, routes, and culture for a thrilling challenge. Pick any of these destinations and enjoy your whole cycling holiday. Do not forget to share your traveling experiences in the comment sections.

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