5 Different Types Of Accidents Where A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

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Types Of Accidents

Accidents are fairly common. Whether it is an open road, outside your house, or even at the workplace. However, a majority of accidents are caused because of someone else’s negligence and oversight. In such an event, a case can be made for a Personal Injury Lawsuit.

A Personal Injury case commences when a person who has suffered an injury (plaintiff) files a case against another person, company, business, organization, or even the government (defendant) claiming that their ignorance, negligence, and carelessness has led to an injury.

In this article, we are going to look at the five different types of cases or accidents where a personal injury lawyer can help. However, before we get to the cases, let us first look at the broad framework of personal injury lawsuits.

Personal Injury Cases: What you need to know

A personal injury case is a civil lawsuit as compared to a criminal lawsuit. In a civil lawsuit, as mentioned in the earlier sections, an aggrieved person can file a complaint against normal persons, employers, businesses, or the government.

In a criminal lawsuit, the complaint is filed only by the government on behalf of the aggrieved person. In other words, in every criminal case, the government is a party. A personal injury case may arise in different situations, scenarios, and settings. In these cases, the primary end is to get access to adequate and fair compensation.

Most personal injury cases do not enter legal courtrooms. They are settled by the parties concerned, their lawyers, insurance providers, etc. outside court through ‘Settlement’. The parties agree to a compensation amount and an agreement is made that the lawsuit will be taken back. Vaziri Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys can help you file your claim and ensure you have a solid case.

5 Different Types of Accidents where a Personal Injury Lawyer can help

1. Slip and Fall Accidents-

There are times when private and public properties are not conducive to safety. In such instances, when a person gets an injury because of improper maintenance of a property, he or she is entitled to personal injury claims. According to a leading Oakland slip and fall lawyer, fair compensation is a must as such incidents can require intensive medical care.

2. Medical Malpractice-

Ignorance, negligence, or following of improper professional conduct can lead to serious medical issues at the hospital. In such cases, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against improper medical negligence or malpractice. Such cases can be filed against doctors, hospital staff, or even the governing body of the hospital or nursing home.

3. Dog Attacks-

While we all love our furry friends, dog attacks can turn serious, especially when the aggrieve are little children. As more and more people are turning to exotic dogs, which require a high level of training, dog attacks are increasing in the United States. Temperamental animals can lead to serious injuries including fractures, ruptured organs, and destroyed skin.

4. Automobile Accident Injuries-

This is perhaps the most common of all personal injury cases. There are millions of car accidents, which take place every year. A majority of them happen because of undisciplined driving ethics. Lawyers who specialize in car accident personal injury cases have to work with multiple stakeholders. These are insurance companies, the police as well as the opposite party. Make sure you run all the filters needed to find the best car accident lawyer in Phoenix if you happen to be involved in an accident that took place in the city of Arizona. The same applies to any other city all around the world.

5. Product Liability-

A faulty or improperly tested product can lead to serious health issues and mental trauma for the consumer. Products, which promise something through marketing and advertising channels, but do not back the same up with results are likely to suffer from personal injury lawsuits. The settlements can also be filed by a group against a common brand or company.

The Final Word

Many individuals fail to realize that such accidents have a direct impact on recovery and the state of the family. Proper compensation can help in getting the best recovery possible. It can also allow the family to pay the bills till the time the earning member is alright and, in a position, to start working again.

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