Here’s Why You Are Dreaming About An Ex You Don’t Talk To Anymore!

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Dreaming About An Ex You Don't Talk To Anymore

Read the article to learn more about the reasons due to dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore. There are different ways of interpreting a dream, and there is a combination of dream theories that help you understand what we go through and our experiences.

Dreaming is based on subconscious feelings. Often they are the representation of your deepest desire or your continuous thoughts! If you are recently dreaming about an ex, you don’t talk to them anymore. You should evaluate them based on your feelings that keep cropping up!

Let’s discuss through a virtual reality model that will help you understand how dreams can symbolize underlying aspects of our lives, stored memories, and real-world interaction.

There are different reasons you are dreaming about your Ex, one of which might be your unresolved feelings! Let’s dive deeper into the cause and uncover the truth!

Here’s Why You Are Dreaming About An Ex You Don’t Talk To Anymore!

According to the Virtual reality dream theory, you can predict your dream based on specific scenarios and their interpretation in real life. When dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore, you should evaluate your personal life, relationship issues, and present situations.

The brain is considered a predictive or generative model of the world, especially with the innate experience of the virtual reality generator. Therefore, in reality, the brain engages with the real world and its sensations. In contrast, in a dream, the brain’s generative model evaluates subconscious thinking.

The theory can be used to evaluate why you dream about an ex you don’t talk to anymore. You can feel confused, surprised, or sad when you dream about an Ex. To know why it is happening, you should evaluate different aspects, such as spiritual, physical, and emotional factors.

Past Trauma

Past Trauma  

Past trauma can be one of the most significant reasons you dream about your ex. The relationship didn’t end on good terms, and you have experienced trauma and stressful emotions that you have suppressed.

In your waking hours, you might be in control of these emotions; however, in your dream, it keeps cropping up, making you sad or confused! Experiencing abuse in the relationship, death of a partner, separation due to family or social obligations, and several other reasons can be at the root of the dreams about Ex.

You can process trauma or grief if you address it; hence, if the recurring dreams are hurtful and impact your waking hours, you must see a therapist or a counselor who can guide you to evaluate and address your issues!

Unresolved Feelings About Your Ex

Relationships are complicated representations of society; often, we break off a relationship or seek separation from a partner in a hurry. At times, the relationship ends in such a way that you did not get to say your perspective or your ex could not express their point of view.

It can sometimes create a void in your mental state, especially if the separation is not mutual. A productive discussion can be an underlying perspective of the dreams that keep occurring to you about your ex.

If the dream is about you shouting at your ex, it probably means you felt unheard in your relationship. If you both are crying in the dream, it might mean that you miss your ex and want to clarify your perspective.

According to Marion Rudin Frank, a psychologist informs that the feelings might not be related to you and your ex! According to his learning of dream analysis, he informs of the significance of the relationships through dream. It basically means there is some void in your life!

You need to have your confidence up or you must feel more confident! This is the gap due to which you might be dreaming about your ex regularly.

A Psychic Symbol

A psychic symbol of dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore can be several, especially if you have an underlying tension. There are unresolved feelings, but they can mean different things, especially with the different types of dreams that you can have about your ex.

It is also about desires that are subdues or suppressed in your mind! You have to condition yourself and believe in visualization of the dream. The ex in your life is the symbolization of the need to make better decisions or take actions which will help you face situations.

You feel lonely

The feeling of loneliness can significantly impact the way you feel about your ex. The need for familiarity can make your ex-pop into your dreams. In your subconsciousness, you miss the familiarity that your ex brings with them.

Just know this is a part of your grieving process for a failed relationship. Loneliness is a part of life, especially when you lose someone you love. It is okay to feel this way, and you will come out of it.

You are unable to trust someone new

The experience with your ex has negatively impacted you, leading to your inability to trust anyone new! When you go on dates and interact with new probable partners, you cannot experience or feel anything which can be a sign of why you are dreaming about your ex.

The situation impacts your subconscious level of thoughts, influencing your present conditions. Dreams can symbolize that you do not want to get hurt again by opening yourself to a relationship experience with another person.

You feel unhappy

The feeling of unhappiness has become persistent along with these dreams you are having about your ex. It is not a normal incident; it is like your subconscious sends you messages regarding your emotions and how to deal with them.

To evaluate more about your emotions, you need to identify the root causes of the unhappiness, such as the failure and the faults in the relationship.

You want them back

You probably have not accepted that you want your ex back in real life. However, dreaming about your ex, especially if the dreams are inclusive, intimate, and warm in feelings, you secretly want them back. Ruminating about your ex-partner in your dream can symbolize feeling the need to get back.

The anger or residual hatred in the relationship has seeped out, and now you are expecting to resolve the concerns and get back to them. It is a natural way for the brain to want the object of desire, and the dream symbolizes underlying desire.

A Symbolization Of Communication

Seeking information about dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore spiritual meaning! Dreaming about an ex can also represent a spiritual awakening where you can connect with yourself and appreciate your efforts in a relationship.

The dream can symbolize communication, where you need to connect with yourself before you try to get into another relationship. Considering a deeper level of connection is the underlying perspective of the dream about an ex, thus, helping you evaluate the challenges in your life on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level.


Now that you have read all about dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore, you also have to consider your own state of mind. If you are constantly dreaming about your ex, there must be something which is missing in your life! Please read the article to learn why dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore.

Furthermore, you also have to learn to make better decisions about your life, especially when taking actions related to stopping how to dream about your ex!

Comment down below regarding your interpretation of such a dream.

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