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SEO by  Ariana Smith 21 November 2020

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Digital marketing offers many advantages to a brand focused on building its market share while increasing their visibility. But to make sense of what the reams of data say about your brand’s performance, you need the services of a skilled and experienced SEO agency.

An agency operating in the world of digital marketing has to be able to harness the power of data to provide the best services to their clients. The internet offers so much data about a variety of marketing facets that SEO agencies have become experts at the interpretation of data to serve their clients.

With so many platforms offering marketing and advertising opportunities these days, interpretation becomes highly important. Data is relative. Changes in data are reflections of certain situations and occurrences in your customer’s reactions to the promotions, products, and times that you’re marketing them online.

An SEO agency doesn’t just begin an ad campaign, notice an upsurge in orders for a particular product, and pat themselves on the back. They know that for one particular product to perform better than others, begs the question of why. And they won’t be satisfied until they’ve found a reason that can be explained within the wealth of data to which they have access.

Looking at the Big Picture

SEO agencies look at data as indicative pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. These indicators are all a part of a bigger picture. For a successful marketing campaign to be virtually recreated in the future, they have to understand all the factors that were involved in making it successful. Was it because of price, a holiday period, or a specific segment of the marketplace? Not knowing the reason for success is just as bad as a failure if you can’t recreate the steps to the successful campaign.

They look for consistency in numbers over a period of time in several identical campaigns that point to the factors of success. In this way, these agencies are as many analysts as marketers. By identifying these consistencies, they’re able to recreate and improve on the performance of these campaigns, adding extra value for their services.

Translating Valuable Data

An SEO agency must also translate and interpret the data in a language their clients can easily understand. They produce reports on a timely basis in sync with the parameters of the campaign timeline to keep their clients aware of the performance of the campaign.

They also have periodic discussions with their clients to suggest ways that the performance can be improved or other marketing methods to try based on their data analysis.

In this way, they help the client improve their products, sales message, and operations. If your brand is considering plunging into online sales and marketing, contact an experienced SEO agency to help guide you and interpret the data. If you are in the middle of an ad campaign but are having trouble understanding the results so far, an agency can help you make sense of the data as well.

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