3 Facebook Audience Targeting Tips for Law Firms

Marketingby Mashum Mollah13 May 2021

Facebook Audience Targeting Tips for Law Firms

Social media has arguably made promoting a law firm easier than ever. For example, Facebook currently boasts upwards of 2.7 billion monthly active users. Advertising your personal injury law firm on Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach a larger number of potential clients than you might reach if you were only running ads in your local paper.

However, not all Facebook ad campaigns are created equal. To ensure your ads deliver a strong return on investment when planning a campaign, you need to leverage Facebook’s audience targeting features.

Don’t worry if your experience running Facebook marketing campaigns is limited. These tips will help you better understand how using the platform’s audience targeting features can help your ads reach the right users.

Choose Your Location:

Choose Your Location:

Odds are good your personal injury law firm doesn’t serve clients all throughout the world. You likely serve clients who live relatively close to your offices.

As such, you don’t want to waste time or money running Facebook ads that end up being seen by people who live too far away to consider hiring you. Luckily, you don’t have to. When planning a Facebook marketing campaign, you can specify that you only want your ads to be seen by people who live in certain areas.

Select an Age Range:

Just as your clients likely live near your offices, they also probably fall within a certain age range. After all, the average personal injury lawyer doesn’t typically work directly with children.

This is another factor to consider when targeting an audience during the planning phase of a Facebook ads campaign. You can set an age range for your audience, so only users old enough to consider hiring you will see your ads. This further optimizes your marketing budget.

Create a Lookalike Audience:

Effective Facebook marketing doesn’t merely involve running a single campaign. To take full advantage of the platform’s marketing potential, you should strongly consider running multiple campaigns.

Doing so offers several key benefits. For example, by running multiple campaigns, you can experiment with different tactics to better determine which are most helpful.

After running a few campaigns, you may find that one or two campaigns, in particular, yielded higher-than-average engagement from users. However, you might not be entirely sure why.

It could simply be that the audiences for those campaigns consisted of users most likely to be interested in your services. You can target similar users in the future by creating Lookalike Audiences.

When deciding which types of users to target, Facebook marketers can automatically generate new audiences based on previous ones. This feature helps you reach more users who may become clients without wasting money broadcasting new ads to users who’ve already seen your ads in the past. This is an option you may particularly consider when the primary goal of your campaign is to spread brand awareness.

Essentially, when marketing a personal injury law firm on Facebook, you can’t simply create a few ads and hope they’ll attract positive attention. You need your ads to only reach certain users. These tips will help you achieve that goal.

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