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Securityby Mashum Mollah17 December 2020

App Security

Technology is an integral part of everyone’s life. Its presence can be felt everywhere, whether it is for personal or business use. Technology, indeed, has made our life easier and comfortable. In the business scenario, it has completely transformed the operations and functions of the organization. The business has now become more organized and systematic than it was earlier. Everything takes place in such a way that there is no chaos and confusion. This has ultimately led to an improvement in performance and productivity. There are a number of new inventions through which now business operates which have provided it with more convenience and flexibility.

The development of mobile apps and other business apps is one such outcome of technological advancements. These apps have become more of a basic requirement for the business to survive in a competitive and dynamic environment. They are the ways with which the business can connect with more customers, thus broadening one’s horizon. It also helps the business to store a large amount of important information in one single platform; this makes it easier for the concerned person to access the information and thus help in making the strategic decision. They thus offer the business as well as customer convenience and comfort. Apps have also reduced the unnecessary workload of the business as it helps to automate it. Thus the benefits of apps for business are never-ending list. But with technological advancements, the chances of hacking, data theft, and phishing increases too as they have become advanced too.

These apps are the storehouse of valuable information, and in case of hacking or phishing, this valuable information may lands in the hand of the wrong person, thus leading to huge losses for the business. They have to incur huge consequences. To safeguard and combat the situation, one needs to deploy technological solutions and tools. These technological solutions and tools ensure app security and help the business to detect the change in the behavior of the apps and thus take corrective actions accordingly. It makes the business to be proactive so that they are no one could take undue advantage of its app. Mobile app and other business apps are vulnerable to security breaches, and thus it becomes very important to secure these apps. App security is also essential to meet certain technical standards as laid down by various industries.

App security also helps to recognize any flaws with the coding or programming in the initial stage so that the business does have to suffer in later stages. App security and app development are two different areas of expertise, and one need not confuse them. App development and app security must be performed simultaneously, as it will lead to a strong and secure app. Hence app security is essential to enjoy the benefits of mobile apps without a worry of any kind of threat and vulnerabilities. One can only avail of these benefits if they consider all factors before considering app security. These factors make app security successful, and in the absence of these, the mobile apps and data in its store will be at high risk.

App security factors are mentioned below:

1. Strong Code:

Mobile apps are at risk of malware attack, hacking, data loss, etc., and therefore, it is very important to have app security with strong and hack-proof code. This will not let the hackers have access to sensitive information and use it against the business. Strong code is, therefore, the basic requirement of mobile app App security must be of high standards and comply with the newest technological advancement to offer the best and quality service to its user. Coding is the starting of mobile app security and must be performed with the utmost care and vigilance so that the business data is well protected and secured.

2. Taking care of various platforms:

App Security

Apps do not work only on the platform. In fact, they work on multiple platforms and also have access to a number of other features of their phone. They work on various operating systems, devices, networks, etc. These platforms must be taken into consideration for app security as they play a huge role in impacting the working of mobile apps.

3. Encryption:

Apps work with an external environment, i.e., they require connectivity of WIFI, cellular network, and other encrypted networks, which therefore made them more vulnerable to attacks. Data security, therefore, becomes a major area of concern in case of storage and during transit. Therefore all sensitive and important data such as login details, the password should be encrypted properly. The essential data needs to be stored in Encrypted data containers for better security.

4. Testing:

Testing is essential as it will bring out all kinds of flaws and issues related to app development in the initial stage, and thus no business has to face any kind of loss. It is, therefore, must be the priority to ensures the highest security to the apps. Even when the app undergoes any update, the testing must also be conducted during that phase as well. It was also important to employ the latest technology for testing the apps. Don’t forget to comply with the latest technological standards laid down by a number of industries.

5. Prevent Code tampering:

Choose the app security that helps to minimize the chance of code tampering. Under code tempering, hackers insert malware code into the app that helps them in stealing the data and thus use it to harm the business. App security that deploys tools and technology which are efficient in detecting such activity and also take actions to counter their effects such as verifying app, identifying app installer, etc., must be chosen by the business.

6. Reliable Backend:

Ensuring the security of the backend system is very important as hackers can get access to these systems and thus pose a huge risk to the business working. Therefore as important it is to secure the app, it is equally important to secure the backend system,

7. Remove unnecessary feature:

There are certain features of apps that surely can make them more vulnerable to various threats. So to improve app security one can start with getting rid of these features.

Hence these are some of the factors that one must keep in mind for improving app security.

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