Car Repairs On A Budget: A Guide To Finding Used Cars In A Junkyard

Automotive by  Abdul Aziz Mondal 29 December 2022

Used Cars In A Junkyard

Car repairs continue to skyrocket thanks to expensive parts and costly labor expenses. If you want to save money on car repairs, consider making them with parts you source from a junkyard.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many quality parts are available in older cars and how easy they are to find in your local salvage yard.

Before you hit the junkyard, check out these tips to use your time wisely and get what you need.

Search The Junkyard Inventory Catalog

Junkyard Inventory Catalog

You can save time and money by searching through a pick-and-pull inventory catalog. The best salvage yards share the makes, models, and years of the vehicles in their inventory. After looking through the catalog, you’ll know if they have a part for your 1979 Jeep Wrangler or if you have to look elsewhere for a replacement running board.

Use Your Knowledgeable Car-Loving Friends

If you know someone with some DIY car-repair experience, chat with them before you begin your search. Your friends can direct you to the best salvage yards and let you know if you are getting a good deal on the parts you need.

If the junkyard doesn’t have the exact item, your gearhead friends might be able to give you a good idea for an equivalent part that will get the job done.

Keep in mind that many automakers use similar parts for similar types of cars. For example, many pony cars have interchangeable parts, so you might be able to outfit your 1984 Camaro with parts from a similar generation Ford Mustang.

Dress For The Task

dig around in a junkyard

When you dig around in a junkyard, you will get dirty. Bring your tools and wear clothing that can get covered in grease, oil, and grime. Be prepared to see plenty of pests and critters as they move into empty vehicles, especially during colder months.

Wear gloves, eyewear, and a protective face mask, so you don’t breathe in dust, debris, and other dangerous particles in the junk.

Shop Online

As junkyards keep robust online inventories, you can set an alert for a particular part. To replace small, lightweight parts, you could shop online at junk yards that will ship them. However, if it’s heavy and bulky, you’ll want to stay local to save money by not having to pay for shipping.

Bring The Broken Part With You

dumpster diving in a junkyard

Before you start dumpster diving in a junkyard, bring the broken part with you. With the item in your hands, you can compare what you find to what you need. You can show the piece to the employees who might know where to find a similar one.

Wrap Up

You can make your time in a salvage yard more efficient by shopping online first, setting an alert, and shopping with the right attitude and tools. Remember to be kind to the junkyard employees because they can help you find what you need so you can save money on car repairs.


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