Finding an Efficient Microplate Transportation System

Technologyby Mashum Mollah08 July 2017


Finding the right microplate transportation systems can be quite a challenge most of the time. These systems are designed to move the SBS footprint microtiter plates right around the work cell. Then they will place as well as remove the microplate stacks as well as nests from other devices.

The great thing about the microplate transportation systems and laboratory automation, in general, is the fact that this is very easy to use. There is a lot of attention to detail all the time and the value that you receive is second to none. Plus, these are stellar microplate handling instruments that can be integrated with third parties all the time. The value on its own is very good, and the simple fact that you have multiple types of handlers does tend to work to your own advantage.

You have the PlateCrane EX which is very helpful since it has a stellar durability and it supports a lot of instruments. You can easily find configurations that support your application. Plus, it fits a standard hood too, so you never have to worry about its size as a whole either. The reality is that using this unit can bring you an immense quality and value, which in the end will indeed work to your own advantage. It’s a nice experience and one that does pay off very well for sure.

PlateCrane SciClops which is a very good product and it takes a lot of interesting ideas from the previous model listed above. However, it has a 40% larger work envelope and it also has a built-in vision teaching. It has a very good value and it does bring in front a resounding quality. Plus, it also manages to deliver some very good automation features and the overall experience can be second to none because of that.

The LabLinx Lab microplate transportation system is designed to be very helpful as a delivery system. Its quality is unprecedented and the value on its own can be second to none for sure. It’s a very interesting experience and it also brings in front the unique value and quality that you may need. That’s what makes things special to begin with, and it also brings in front a great response to the software control system.

While using the microplate transportation systems can be a bit hard at first, the complexity offered by them is very impressive and you do get quite a lot of value from that. It’s the nice experience and quality that you get from this model which seems to pay off very well.

And since each model is designed for a very specific purpose, you are bound to find very good quality and value from it. Yes, it works very well in the end and that will surely bring you some impressive results all the time. So, if you need reliable microplate transportation systems, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team, we will be more than happy to assist!

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