Fishing Equipment Tips

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Fishing Equipment Tips

Whether you are an experienced angler looking to test out some new equipment or are considering heading to the bank for the first time and build up a starter kit, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you out. With so many different products and brands available on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin.

From fishing reels to bait, here are some great places to start when you’re on the hunt for some new kit, increasing your chances of making your best catch yet!

Knowing the best tackle for your style:

Choosing the best rods and reels is dependent on the type of fishing trip you are heading off on. Narrowing down your options will be based on the type of fish you intend to catch and whether you are heading to a local lake, river or even the sea.

Each piece of equipment has its own features designed to best suit the situation so carry out your research beforehand to ensure you make the right decision. If you are unsure of where to start, speak to the store members as they are more than likely keen anglers themselves and will be more than happy to offer you some friendly advice.

Appeal to the fish with the correct bait:

As with the tackle, there is an endless amount of bait available both in local stores and online. On top of just choosing the best bait for the fish you plan on catching, some fisheries have rules on what is and isn’t allowed at their locations so be sure to check these before you jump to buying.

From live bait to boilies in a variety of different colours and flavours, there is more to the decision than picking your favourite colour! Each product is designed with the conditions in mind, helping to increase your luck on your next trip. For example, neon boilies are designed for murky waters as it increases their visibility and entices the fish over.

Prepare yourself for a long day at the bank:

In addition to packing your best fishing equipment, don’t forget about the essentials to keep you warm and comfortable for the duration of the trip.

Dressing in appropriate clothing with plenty of layers is essential, allowing you to take them off or put them on as and when needed. With the British weather being so unpredictable, packing your waterproof coat and fishing brolly is advisable too!

On top of clothing, make sure to pack plenty of fluids and snacks to keep you hydrated for a full day of fishing, not forgetting the wipes or hand sanitiser to keep things sanitary.

Check if you’ve made your best catch yet:

Although by no means essential, bringing along a fishing scale is a great way to keep track of your progress. Being simple to use and avoiding harm to the fish, measuring the weight of your catches allows you to jot down your results to help you identify any bait or equipment that may be working better than others.

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