Curious How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket? Keep An Eye Out For These 4 Telltale Symptoms Of A Damaged Car

Automotive by  Ariana Smith 08 December 2021

Blown Head Gasket

Spotting car damage is not always straightforward. Although often there is nothing to worry about, sometimes car damage is challenging to pinpoint and left ignored, it can lead to significant problems.

If you’re concerned that your car might require repairs quickly, read on to learn four telltale symptoms of car damage.

Symptoms of Car Damage

Symptoms of Car Damage

1. Scorching Hot Hood

Signs of engine overheating include a hood that is very hot to the touch. If you cannot press your hand to the hood of your car for 10 seconds, this is a major sign that too much heat is being created from the engine.

2. Steam Leaving The Hood

If you see steam spewing out of the hood, this is another sign of overheating. Steam occurs from the boiling of coolant as it escapes the cooling chambers.

3. Humid Car Smell

If there is a humid smell coming from your car, something is off. This may indicate your engine is overheating different parts of the vehicle, including the oils that give off the smell.

4. Ticking and Thumping Sounds: How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket

While some noises are normal, if you hear ticking or thumping sounds, this could indicate overheating and lead to the root source you need to pinpoint to know how to fix a blown head gasket.

Smoke And Car Damage

Smoke And Car Damage

  • Blue smoke indicates that the gasket may be worn rather than busted. To avoid needing to know how to fix a blown head gasket, take precautionary measures and get your vehicle checked.
  • Grey smoke is serious, as it suggests a faulty turbo or the PCV. You might also have a transmission system leak.
  • Black smoke can be brought on by blocked manifolds or issues with the fuel injection system.
  • White smoke indicates that possible car damages like a blown head gasket or coolant leaking have

To avoid needing to know how to fix a blown head gasket, address these issues right away.

Why Does Overheating Matter?

  • Overheating is a big deal because the engine components cannot tolerate very hot temperatures for extended amounts of time.
  • Overheating can cause a blown head gasket. If you don’t know how to fix a blown head gasket on your own, the costs for repair are extremely expensive.
  • If you see signs of overheating, act quickly. By diagnosing the problem early, you can avoid costly repairs as well as any need to know how to fix a blown head gasket.
  • Most of the time, the issues associated with overheating are minor, but the process involved in how to fix a blown head gasket and the costs to repair the damage are not.

To avoid costly damages, be aware of the above 4 signs of car damage. This way, you can address problems early before they become severe.

Protect Your Car

If you suspect issues of overheating or exhaust are interfering with your vehicle, get it checked right away. Consider the signs above to avoid car damage and costly repairs altogether.

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