Food Packaging: Top Design Tips

Businessby Mashum Mollah30 May 2020

Food Packaging

Food packaging is important for many reasons; it is vital that food is packaged to keep it fresh and free from contaminants. It also needs to be presented professionally and look inviting enough to want to buy it. Here are a few design tips from the experts, which might help you to create the ultimate food packaging for your products.

Brand Identification

It should be your goal that your customers instantly recognize your products because of your packaging, so consider the shape, color, font, and images when designing your food packaging. There are established wholesale food packaging companies that will help you to design the perfect custom packaging and they can easily be sourced with a Google search.

Packaging Materials

If your company takes an eco-friendly approach, this would be reflected in your food packaging, with biodegradable materials that will not impact the environment. Another important aspect to consider is the length of time the product will remain fresh in the packaging, which should be optimum. Selecting the right material is all about achieving a balance between functionality and aesthetics, plus it should fit in with your branding profile.

In addition, you can go with Vacuum packaging. This way, you can ensure that your products last longer.

Product Information

Of course, it is vital that you print all relative information on your packaging, which would include ingredients, storage, and serving instructions (if needed). Ideally, you can discuss this with the food packaging designer, who can advise regarding text size and color, as well as the actual text content.

Think Stacking & Storage

When designing food packaging, it is important to understand how the design will affect stacking and storage, not only on the shelves but also when delivered to the store. Another important issue is the opening of the packaging – this could be a one-time opening or a pop system that allows the product to be resealed – whichever is most relevant for the product in question. The same thing goes with choosing wholesale cake boxes available online. You have to ensure that the box will be sturdy enough to keep the cake in perfect condition when it’s being carried, stacked, and stored.

Online Solutions

If you have a few ideas for your food packaging, search with Google to find a nearby food packaging company and they would have an in-house packaging design team that can help you to design the best packaging. They have a wealth of experience in helping their clients to find the best packaging and whatever design you prefer, they can make it happen.

Create a List of Questions

To determine whether or not your new packaging design is suitable, you should prepare a list of yes or no questions, which will help you to confirm that the packaging does indeed address all of the items on your list.

  • Does the packaging look inviting?
  • Does the packaging present the product in the best possible way?
  • Is the packaging in line with your branding?
  • Is the shape conducive for stacking?

The above are just a few examples of relevant questions that can help you to determine whether or not the packaging ticks all the boxes. For more tips, there is also a great article you can find online on selecting the best food packaging design, which is a must-read for all entrepreneurs in the food sector.

If you take your time and approach an established food packaging supplier, they can help you to come up with a design that offers all the benefits, while also keeping your products fresh and ready for consumption.

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