7 Fundamental Traffic Rules That You Must Follow

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Traffic Rules

Got Your New car with the Annual salary? Congrats on this achievement. We hope you have a thorough idea of the fundamentals of traffic rules. You might be deficient, but we believe we can be dangerous.

A driver that hits the streets needs to be well aware of the fundamentals of traffic laws. This article is, therefore, designed for newcomers on highways like you. Nevertheless, we ask you to go through it for your own safety and awareness. So let’s get started.

The Fundamentals Of Traffic Rules

Traffic laws fundamentals are the same whether it is Detroit or Damascus; Beijing or Birmingham; Oakland or New Delhi.

So let’s try to know these essentials here.

1. Never Cross The Speed Limits

Speed Limits

You need to be well-read regarding the speed limit guidelines of the highways of a state. The truth universally accepted all around the world is that you must drive within the speed limit.

If you do not abide by the laws, this might bring a terrible catastrophe to your life. Remember that rules and guidelines for speed limits are never the same for all other states.

Also, be mindful of the fact that the speed limits vary in different areas. Therefore, you must have to be watchful of them all the time to have a smooth- seamless journey.

2. Never Drink And Drive

Drinking and hitting the highways is not legal in the USA or any responsible nation. If you are caught at some checkpoints, you might have to go through the following:

  • Test of Sobriety.
  • Breath Test.
  • Blood and Urine Test.

Failing on the tests ends with DUI charges. Then you will be dragged to the court for trials. There are provisions for strict punishments on drink and drive charges:

  • Fine between $300 to $500.
  • Up to 30 days of jail.
  • Suspension of driving license.
  • Insurance surcharge annually for three consecutive years.

You are going to be in big trouble, and the repercussions will be most terrible, to say the least. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, seek guidance from the skilled Oakland DUI Lawyer.

3. Skipping The Traffic Lights

Skipping The Traffic Lights

You might have observed that drivers develop a tendency to increase their speed immediately after the traffic lights change from green to yellow. This is what the driver does in order to avoid the red signals. Now let us tell you that this is wrong.

When the street light changes to yellow or amber, you are supposed to slow down the speed to see if some vehicle is turning.

Non-compliance stems from ignorance and eventually ends in traffic accidents. This is the reason that the number of accidents tends to increase with time.

Let us know some of the USA traffic light laws here:

  • The traffic stoplights run following the red-yellow-green sequences.
  • The green filter indicates one has to follow the direction.
  • In the suburban areas, you get red lights flashing. This indicates some approaching traffic lights.
  • The major intersections have green arrow signals.

Now it’s utter stupidity hitting the highways without gaining the desired knowledge on the subject. Therefore, be mindful of the laws and regulations of roads.

4. Keep Distance From The School Bus

Children boarding and alighting the school bus is given utmost priority all over states. Therefore, by law, you need to keep yourself at least 20-25 feet behind the school bus.

Whenever you see a yellow school flashing light, it indicates that the bus is about to stop. There are strict laws for motorists and other vehicles when it comes to operating beside school buses.

Any kind of violation of the norms will eventually result in the following:

  • Monetary fine of $1000.
  • Imprisonment.
  • Community Services.

Consider it as a fundamental traffic rule, especially when you are new on the highways.

5. Don’t Use Mobile Phones While Driving

Don't Use Mobile Phones While Driving

When you are using mobile phones, it invites great problems for you for sure. For example, countless accidents that happen on the streets are attributed to mobile phone usage.

This is considered a major distraction while you are driving. Now, when you are driving on the highway, all your focus and attention shift from your driving to the conversation.

This eventually may lead to a fatal accident. Therefore you need to avoid cell phone usage while you are in the midst of the highways.

6. Make Quick U-Turns

How many times have you given a thorough roundabout look at the surroundings while taking a U-turn? Unfortunately, this is one of the major mistakes that drivers tend to make.

Take a U-Turn and do it after having a complete look at the surrounding areas. Then, when you observe everything is clear, go for the turn. Still, many people tend to violate the laws and end up with fines.

Drivers also try to take the U-turn in places where it is completely prohibited. Therefore take a look at the signs like “no U-turn” whenever you are riding on the highways.

7. Wear Seatbelts

Wear Seatbelts

Always wear seatbelts when you are driving. This is a universal rule that you need to follow.

According to a study, if a driver wears a seat belt, it reduces the risk of fatal injury by 45% to 50%.

This might appear to be an exaggeration, but it is true with all of you. Therefore, you need to be aware of the street laws and regulations, and wearing seatbelts is an essential prerequisite to driving.

Keep in mind that harsh punishments are waiting on the streets of the United States if you are not wearing seat belts. So always wear a seatbelt for your utmost safety.

What Else?

Other than these, you need to be mindful of the other norms and regulations whenever you step out on the highways. For example, you need to be extra cautious in bad weather.

Drivers must be well read regarding the traffic rules essentials and believe us there is no alternative to this. So study the traffic laws of the country and be safe while driving.

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