Top 5 Games To Play With Your Kids During The Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

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  • Are you looking to spend quality time with your family members, especially the kids during the lockdown?
  • Do you which games can help them grow, educate them, and sharpen their minds in an intelligent and productive manner?
  • Have you looked at options like SIM games, Chess, Scrabble, and others as a way of boosting their mental appetite?

There is no doubt that the mayhem unleashed by the Coronavirus pandemic has been life-changing. However, many of us have also used the lockdown opportunity to invest in ourselves. One such area is how the lockdown has brought the family together like never before.

Parents, who were working seventy to eighty hours per week, were not getting enough time with their kids. The lockdown has enabled them to spend more time with their family members.

If you are a parent who wants to start playing games with your kids because of all the time you have, you should pay attention to this article. In this article, we help you with the top five productive games you can play with your kids during the lockdown.

Top 5 Games to play with kids during the Lockdown: The List

1. Online Simulation (SIM) Games-

Online Simulation

Online SIM games are fun, engaging, and very educational in nature. Online gaming companies like Robomodo feel that this is a great way to educate kids about sharing, growing something productive, and being a part of the community.

Parents can play online sim games like Hay Day to teach their kids about various aspects of farming life. If you do not want to go for a premium version, you can always download the hay day mod apk and start playing. This is a great and fun way to spend time with your kids.

2. Chess-


As a game, which promotes intelligence, skill, and strategy at all levels, chess needs no introduction. Parents, who are looking to make their kids sharper, can definitely start playing chess with them. The game teaches patience, cooperation, and anticipation.

As Chess can be a long drawn engagement, parents can divide a single game into different days. This way you can set up an hour every day for the game. This will prevent it from getting boring, as well as force the kids to pick up their strategies from where they left them.

3. Scrabble-


While Online SIM games and Chess, cannot be multi-family member games, Scrabble is something, which the entire family can play together. This is highly educational in nature, as well as fun. We suggest you stick by the rules and give priority to scores.

Scrabble has been an old family game for many decades now and continues to enjoy a lot of popularity in different parts of the world. Scrabble Saturdays have come up as a fun-family get-together period in different countries all over the world.

4. Playing Cards-

Playing Cards

Bluff, Slapjack, and Speed are some games, which can bring the whole family together just post-dinner on a lazy Saturday evening. If you are someone who does not like these versions, you can always opt for the classic ‘Uno’.

If you are looking to make it interesting, why not use pennies as stakes to make the players more engaged. Get a bowl of popcorn, some tarts, a bottle of Mountain Dew, and you are set up for a good three to four hours.

5. Board Games-

Board Game

It is no surprise that board games like Monopoly, Game of Life, and others are making a serious comeback in recent years. The children who grew up on these games are now parents themselves and want their kids to enjoy and get the same experience, which they did.

Monopoly is a great game, which teaches how money and assets can be managed. It also allows you to pick up some elementary buying and selling tricks, along with emphasizing profits and victory. Game of Life too can be a very exciting experience, if the whole family joins in.


There are different types of games, which are often played by people. However, in this article, we have managed to list the ones, which we feel are the healthiest and most productive ones. If you have a game in mind, which you would want us to add to the list, mention it in the comments section below.

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