How Your Gas Fireplace Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Gas Fireplace

Having a fireplace in the home has been an essential addition for centuries. While there was a time when people built homes without fireplaces, the trend has cycled back, and their popularity has skyrocketed once again. Fireplace design and style did not remain stagnant.

With the advent of technology and superior energy sources, fireplaces now come in a variety of styles. They can use a range of energy sources, which allows for a more excellent choice.


One of the most surprising benefits of having a gas fireplace like ethanol burning fireplaces is that it can increase your home’s value as soon as it is installed. Let us focus on gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are powered by natural gas lines, which are run into the house from the home’s primary connection to the city’s supply. One of the most surprising benefits of having a gas fireplace is that it can increase your home’s value as soon as it is installed. Here is how to get those benefits:

Consider Its Primary Use:

Consider Its Primary Use

It would be best if you gave thought to how you will be using the fireplace. While it may sound self-explanatory that a fireplace is a heating device, others prefer to use the fireplace as a decorative piece. The primary reason for its installation will drive your choices as you select the design and style you would like.

Ideally a fireplace should be able to combine both form and function. This means that it should be able to fulfil its role as a heating agent, while imparting aesthetics to the overall décor of the room. In this regard, most designers recommend ventless fireplace as it is able to execute both these aspects flawlessly.

In addition to the design, knowing its primary use will also dictate its location.

Its Placement Counts:

Installing your gas fireplace implies more than placing it in a conveniently empty corner and calling it a day. Several factors influence the proper placement of a gas fireplace, including:

Its use- a fireplace used mainly to provide heat should be placed where it can be most effective. Heat requirements for a single room can allow for placement in a corner, while heat requirements for multiple rooms are best met in a central position.

Its design:- gas fireplaces are versatile pieces of equipment. There are more options available for where and how to place it than one would have with a wood fireplace. The reason for this ease is that gas fireplaces are more easily vented and flued.

As A Source Of Light:

In terms of light emission, there is no difference between a gas or wood fire. The visual effect of each fire can be stunning. However, gas fireplaces do come with the option of accent lighting, which lights up the fireplace when it is off. The effect of the fire, when it is on, and the accent lighting when the fire is off can be fascinating.

Ensure Quality Finishing:

The best way to maximize your fireplace’s value is to make sure that it satisfies the need for both form and function. Having a working fireplace should not signal the completion of the installation. You must also add quality finishes, which will set your home apart from other structures. Consider the use of stone cladding to form the outer, visible layer of the fireplace. Alternatively, you may also use stone hearth to the same effect.

Gas fireplaces are a nod to the use of ‘real fire’ that creates so much appeal in wood fireplaces and drives their preference compared to electric fireplaces. The main difference is that the energy source is cleaner and more efficient, thus adding value to the home once installed.

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