Five Ways to Get Cash Quick to Pay Off Your Debts

Financeby Ariana Smith23 October 2020


Being in debt is like being in a prison of anxiety and concern. You know that each day you continue to fall prey to debtors, the amount you owe will be growing. In the worst case, your home and your household possessions can be repossessed, leaving you out on the streets, or in poor rented accommodation. This article deals with your debt by offering five different ways to find, make, or access cash when you need it the most in the future.

Here are Five Ways to Get Cash Quick to Pay Off Your Debts:

1. Friends and Family

Often the very last resort of those with pride, but sometimes the best option from the get-go is talking to your friends and family about your debt. If your friends have a little spare cash, they might well give it to you to help you get out of your debt. The same can be said of your family. Both groups won’t ask for interest – and will be understanding if you can’t pay them back right away.

2. Gig Economy Work

The gig economy is often derided as exploitative and unfair to workers. But for those who want access to casual work that often pays day-by-day into your bank account, this part of the informal economy can be a lifeline. Sign up for various roles in the gig economy to find yourself offered small jobs and shift work that’ll help you access cash quickly.

3. Car Title Loan

If you own a motor vehicle, you might be able to use the car title loan system to access the cash that your car is worth. Read this blog post about car title loans at Daytona Beach at Fast Money Car Title Loans to learn more about how they work. They’re an elegant solution to your cash needs – ensuring that you’re able to continue using your car, but with the value of your vehicle paid out as a loan.

4. Selling Goods

We’re not recommending entering the import/export business here – instead, we’re simply suggesting that you take some time to look through your possessions, picking out the items that you own that you would be happy to sell for a little cash. These might include jewelry, clothing, technology, and gadgets – and even pieces of art. Whatever you’re willing to sell will find a buyer online – helping you to build up a pot of reserve cash that’ll help you quickly pay off your debts.

5. Pay Rises

Debt can be debilitating, impacting all areas of your life. There’s no doubt that this can have serious consequences for those who are already at their wit’s end – and this is why it’s so important to check in with your mental health when you’re in debt. It’s also essential that you continue performing well in your job despite your debt. You can use these good performances to ask for a promotion or a pay rise that’ll help you pay off your debts in the future.

These five tips will help you get cash quickly to pay off your lingering debts.

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