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Technologyby Ariana Smith14 August 2018

Digital Signage Display

Digital signage displays have become more important than ever. They’re quickly replacing print and analog displays in stores, on streets, in corporate offices, and in communities like retirement residences. They grab customers’ attention, they’re integral to corporate messaging, and they spread news and community information.

But it’s no longer enough just to have a digital signage display. As they become more prevalent, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your display. You need to carefully consider details like size, design, and content. This brief guide can help you improve your digital signage display when you upgrade or invest for the first time.

1. Size :

Size matters when it comes to digital signage displays. Although bigger isn’t always better, there are some eye-catching techniques you can use that will be difficult to ignore. In stores and lobbies, video walls are a highly effective way to create an atmosphere or experience. These large displays can be used to show anything, from fashion shows to ads to corporate logos. There are plenty of effective ways to use smaller digital signage displays, too, including screens at the PoS in a store or restaurant or screens located on shelves. Digital signage companies like Netvisual can help you find the right size digital signage display as well as work with you on custom enclosures to fit digital signage solutions to the environment.

2.Design :

The design may be the most important element in digital signage displays. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. The design is the number one factor in improving engagement. Just think of it yourself. How quick are you to disengage from mediocre visual content? The point of a digital signage display is getting attention. You need design help.

Digital signage gives you infinite flexibility when it comes to design. The design choices you make will depend on size and function. For example, a digital menu board might use three panels. Good design will lead customers’ eyes toward high-margin items and implement video in a way that’s appealing without being distracting or obtrusive. A good digital signage company will be able to help you with design through their studio. For example, the company Netvisual helps all its customers with design and offers a number of templates you can use to quickly update digital signage.

3. Content :

What’s the message you’re trying to communicate? This will vary wildly depending on your industry. In a retirement residence, you may be focused on building community by announcing events at the residence or introducing new staff and residents. In a corporate office, your message will be tailored to corporate communication. You don’t have long to engage with your audience. Content needs to be succinct and powerful if you’re going to get your message across.

Digital signage displays are your connection to the rest of the world. When you invest in digital signage, don’t forget about size, design, and content. Your message needs to be powerful and eye-catching. By visiting places such as you’ll find a wide variety of options.

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