Get That Money: How to Ask for a Raise

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How to Ask for a Raise

You’ve been working at the same company for at least a year, and you’re proud to be part of the winning team. You’ve put in many hours, and you feel that your contributions are an enormous part of the company’s success. You’re ready to ask the big question: you want a raise.

Pay raises are vital because they provide value to employees and employers. Without giving employees pay increases, office morale will decrease. People who work hard for a long time without receiving respect or acknowledgment won’t want to put in as much effort and probably look elsewhere for another job. Raises encourage hard work and an incentive to stay at the company. You deserve a raise and have every right to bring up the subject with your manager.

However, it’s not as simple as marching into their office and demanding more money. You must carefully consider your approach and provide valuable reasons why you’re worthy of a pay increase. To help organize your plan of attack, we’ve created a guide that will help you get that money.

Be Smart About Timing:

You’ve finally decided to ask for a raise, and you’re gearing yourself up to do so. But before you plan what you’re going to say, consider the timing. Your boss is, just like you, a human being. Is it a busy week? Are they going through some personal troubles? You don’t want to spring this at them if you already know they’re not in a good headspace.

On the other hand, did you recently land a huge sales deal? Coming to your manager shortly after a big personal win is also in your favor. Don’t forget to send them an email to arrange a meeting a couple of days beforehand.

Write Down Outstanding Achievements:

Write Down Outstanding Achievements

A couple of days before you meet with your boss, write down as many of your outstanding achievements as you can. Have you risen to a recent challenge and demonstrated your commitment to the organization? Do you go above and beyond project expectations? Think of specific examples to show that you’ve seriously thought about why you deserve a pay raise. If you merely tell your boss that you’re a good worker without providing examples, your argument won’t have much leverage.

Practice Your Pitch:

When you’ve written out specific reasons and examples of why you think it’s time for a pay raise, practice what you’re going say out loud. You want to sound confident, persuasive, and valuable to the team.

When It Doesn’t Work Out:

The worst-case scenario that could happen from asking for a raise is not getting one. There could be several reasons why — such as current economic burdens, a lack of company resources, or undisclosed. Regardless of the reason, perhaps it’s time to start looking for another position. Work with a professional recruitment agency such as IQ PARTNERS that will help you find the job — and salary — you deserve. They have an exclusive pool of industry professionals looking for new employees, eager to offer exciting job packages.

If you’re looking for a pay raise, prepare before organizing the meeting with your boss. By providing valid reasons why you make the company better, they’ll be hard-pressed not to offer you a better deal.

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