Giving a Helping Hand: 5 Ways How to Help a Friend during Illness

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People often don’t know how to assist a friend who is ill. They wonder if they should simply leave this person be so he or she can focus on their recovery or if more needs to be done. Others bring meals and wonder if they should be doing more. Following are five ways a person can help a friend during an illness of any type.


Pray for this person, as the power of prayer is healing and provides the individual with peace during a difficult time. Bringing people together to pray for the friend is of great benefit to him or her and is also comforting to the individuals doing the praying. They know they are working to help the loved one through the illness. According to the Bible, the power of prayer is the power of God, so give the gift of prayer today.

Touch is Healing

Don’t hesitate to touch this person whenever possible. When a person is ill, they are often poked and prodded at by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Take the time to simply hold their hand or use some lotion to rub their feet, as touch has been shown to be very healing. However, many people shy away from touching someone who is ill for fear of hurting them in some way. Don’t hold back because he or she needs the human connection at this time.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Energy may be in short supply when a friend is sick. He or she is struggling to accomplish things due to feeling bad and friends and family members try to pick up the slack. Find a way to bring laughter to the situation to raise everybody’s energy levels. Furthermore, laughter helps everyone feel better right away.

Talking is good and the emotions underneath are of great importance. Positive feelings lead to positive actions, so keep this in mind and try to be grateful for this time together and other blessings in life. Do whatever is needed to feel good. Although it may take time, things do slowly get better when laughter and gratitude are a part of every day.

Share the feelings and energy with the sick friend. Take time to visualize the ideal outcome together. This benefits both parties.


Imagine the body part that is ill and wraps it in a blanket of love and protection. Do this as often as possible throughout the day, and set a timer on the phone as a reminder to carry out this action. Doing so helps in getting a friend through his or her illness.

Provide Creature Comforts

Everyone has a favorite shirt, blanket, or item they turn to when they don’t feel well. Fill the friend’s environment with these comfort items to give him or her a boost when it is most needed. Furthermore, add additional items that may be of aid during the illness. This might be a lap desk to use while in bed, lip balm to keep the lips moist when they become dehydrated due to medications, or fuzzy socks to keep the feet warm when they stay cold at all times. A good book is always appreciated when he or she feels too ill to get out of bed also.

These are only a few of the countless ways a person can help a friend who is ill. Don’t hesitate to ask this person what he or she needs also. Asking shows you care and that you will be there for them during the illness and beyond.

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