With Global Tensions Reaching Fever Pitch, Invest In Gold And Silver

Finance by  Ariana Smith 04 November 2017 Last Updated Date: 25 February 2019

Gold And Silver

A lot of people are looking into different options on how to protect their wealth and money these days – after all, money isn’t easy to come by, so protecting it should be a top priority. A popular growing trend on how to do that is by investing in gold and silver. With no counter-party risks that come along with them, there are an increasing number of experts out there that say both gold and silver are not only affordable but in today’s society undervalued. Gold has been in demand for millennia as a store of wealth, and silver, being an industrial metal, is always in demand as well.

With Global Tensions Reaching Fever Pitch, Invest In Gold And Silver:

Gold and silver alike are both hedges against inflation, providing protection against the decreased value of a currency. If you’re looking to protect your money, especially during economically tumultuous times, investing in gold and silver is a smart way to ensure that the value of their money will not diminish, regardless of what may be happening to cause a specific currency’s value to drop. And when national currencies drop, people look to tried, tested and true methods of storing wealth, meaning they invest in gold; in this way, gold is negatively correlated to the market and goes up even as the market goes down.

Buying gold and silver in Canada is a smart way to protect one’s wealth, with the best places ensuring privacy, and offering discreet professionals available to help and provide a secure environment. Whatever you do, don’t just settle for buying gold and silver from a pawnshop; look for a gold store with strict privacy policies in place and honest work ethics– you can get information at Guildhall Wealth Management about this kind of privacy and professionalism as well, which you should research before making any kind of gold or silver purchase. The Better Business Bureau should list the Canada Gold store you’re considering (and bonus for an A+ rating), and the gold testing should be done right before you so that you know there are trust and transparency.

With the rising conflicts and tensions that are going on in the world today in countries such as Syria, North Korea, and Iran, it has made finances less stable all over the world, another reason that it would be a smart idea to invest in gold and silver. Banks all over the world are looking to acquire both gold and silver, which further goes to show just how much investors around the world value gold and silver.

The financial crisis that occurred in 2008 saw stocks fall in value, as well as the real estate market and other assets too, but during this time, gold and silver saw a value increase by as much as 32% per year all the way until 2013. As conflicts around the world continue to occur, investing in gold and silver is a great way to ensure that you are protecting your money and that it will hold it’s value in the event of another financial crisis.

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