Green Recruitment: What Do Employers Look For?

Green by  Ariana Smith 21 February 2019

Green Recruitment

Green recruitment refers to an environmentally friendly version of the recruitment process where paper use is completely eliminated from the entire procedure to reduce pressure on the environment. Everything from the application process, communications, and even the interview itself are often conducted online and via phone calls. Companies that practice green recruitment procedures are often looking for certain extra characteristics in their candidates, in addition to the job-specific qualifications, of course.

Tech Savviness:

A huge part of running a green organization involves the use of technology and, therefore, it is expected that any candidate applying for the job should be appropriately tech savvy. This is one of the reasons why modern, green companies prefer fresh youth over experience at times because younger employees are more likely to be tech-savvy and environmentally aware.

Prior Experience With Green Initiatives:

An organization that practices green recruitment procedures is more likely to be impressed with a candidate who has prior experience with green programs, such as the Zero Waste initiative by Bevi. Students can become a productive member of the green society by turning their own educational institutions into zero waste universities through spreading awareness, contributing to more efficient management of waste in the campus, and through multiple other constructive and methodical steps. Students can find out more about the Bevi Zero Waste University program by heading over to, they can learn about what they can do to reduce their campus’s carbon footprint, alongside boosting their resumes in the process.

Educational Qualifications Related to Environmental Sustainability:

A candidate with an academic background in environmental studies will likely be preferred in organizations that are environmentally aware, even if the post doesn’t directly require such qualifications. The candidate will still need the appropriate qualifications for the job in question, of course, but the extra education will give the applicant an edge, as the recruiters might be thinking of ways to utilize that knowledge to improve the sustainability in their own organization, even outside the current posts they are looking to fill.

A Prior Knowledge of the Company’s Green Policies:

During the interview, applicants will be asked a wide variety of questions, but some of them will likely be geared towards testing the candidate’s knowledge about the company’s green policies. If the applicant is able to show that he/she has a good understanding of not only the company’s business goals but also its sustainability goals, the employers are more likely to be impressed with the candidate. Additionally, general knowledge and awareness of the ongoing ecological issues, initiatives, probable solutions, and latest news updates are expected from the interviewee.

When a candidate’s resume and interview manages to tick at least some of the points we just discussed, it shows the employers that the individual is environmentally aware and is likely to be willing to put in the effort necessary for bringing in positive changes and helping to maintain or create a sustainable business environment. This, of course, increases his/her chances of getting the job.

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