A Guide on the Right Type of Flooring for Every Room

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Type of Flooring

As we step into 2021, many homeowners are thinking of giving their homes a makeover. After almost spending a year staying indoors, every house deserves an overhaul. You can give a fresh coat of paint to the walls or change the cabinets’ color. Otherwise, feel free to replace things such as floorings since they influence the entire home’s look. From highlighting your furniture to leaving a lasting impression on guests, floors set the tone for your house.

At the same time, floors go through a lot of wear and tear in every house. While some people pile up muddy shoes in the entryway, others have a habit of dragging furniture. Similarly, floors also lose their shine and texture due to excessive traffic and running, which is quite common when you have children at home. Hence, if you face any such issues, replacing the floors could be the best way to give your house a makeover. You can switch to carpets, vinyl tiles, or even concrete floorings.

However, before calling the shots, think about how you use each room. Usually, hardwood floors are a good fit for dining halls since it has low traffic. Likewise, carpets can be a better choice for the living room as they create a cozy and warm atmosphere. In case you are cynical about it, have a look below. Here is a guide on the different type of flooring for every room in the house.

Hardwood Floorings

Hardwood Floorings

Usually, homeowners think of ways to create a subtle yet modern look inside their homes. Surprisingly, hardwood floorings offer the perfect balance of style, character, and warmth. The hardwood is cut from the tree of your choice, giving you various reliable wood options. And with the right species of wood, you can save the floors from scratches and abrasions. You can also blend different types of wood to achieve a unique look.

Otherwise, choose between pre-finished and unfinished wood, anything that goes along with the home’s theme. Thus, if you want this contemporary wooden look in the house, look for reliable companies nearby. People residing in Georgia can search for Hardwood Floor Norcross to find genuine flooring companies. After all, getting on high-quality and genuine hardwood is essential to get your home’s flooring right. However, if you are not sure which rooms are the best fit for this flooring, have a look below.

Dining Hall:

It doesn’t matter whether your dining room is casual or formal; hardwood floors can enhance the room’s style and design. You can add soft pads under the chairs to reduce noise and protect the hardwood’s finish.

Living Room:

Honestly, hardwood communicates the lifestyle homeowners enjoy and stands up quite well to excessive traffic.

Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo Tiles

If you are on a mission to adopt eco-friendly practices, there couldn’t be a better choice than bamboo floorings. For one, it is a renewable resource. The fibers are as thick as the hardest woods, making them impact-resistant. All bamboo tiles come pre-finished which means, you can adjust polish levels and color yourself. And since it comes from the grass family instead of trees, it won’t cost you a fortune. If you don’t want to use bamboo tiles in the entire house, below are the best places.

Open Kitchen:

Bamboo has many natural wood elements, and when put in kitchens, it would look like home to next door cabinets. You can pair it with golden oak hardwood or gray granite counters for a more delicate look.


The strength and durability of bamboo tiles make them a perfect fit for steps and stairways. It holds up well under the stress of heavy foot traffic and pet claws.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Usually, concrete floors remind us of the garage and sidewalks but think again. In the 21st century, polished concrete flooring establishes itself as one of the best flooring choices for homeowners. It is available in various styles and colors to suit other homes’ themes and styles. You can also embellish a concrete floor with inlaid tiles, fancy rugs, or anything that fits your personality.


Concrete floors can go along well with the kitchen’s metallic hardware and marble countertops. Likewise, if you have gold metals and warmer tones, use polished concrete to enhance the look.


Unlike conventional tiles, concrete is modern and edgier, making it an excellent material for bathrooms. Instead of placing it in the entire bathroom, you can also use it as the shower’s base.

Linoleum Floors

Linoleum Floors

When we talk about linoleum floors, people usually think of kitchens from the 1970s with the sleek-looking surface. Well, the linoleum floors are making their comeback in 2021. They have come a long way with more attractive choices and texture options. It consists of sheets that feature mineral pigments, creating different colors and patterns. Manufacturers also seal the tiles to prevent staining and wear. Therefore, standing water won’t be an issue on linoleum. Here are some places where you can place these floors.


Linoleum is made from thin and pliant material, giving it a comforting touch. They also have underlayers and padding to make soft underfoot and keep the room cozy.


Surprisingly, different colors run through the linoleum floors which means, its look and shine won’t fade away with wear and tear.

Luxury Vinyl

Do you like the look for stones? Luckily, luxury vinyl floors can help you achieve the same look without installation hassle and maintenance. It provides a flexible and cushioned surface, ensuring better durability. All the tiles are quite thick, making them scratch and stain-resistant. As a result, some manufacturers would also be willing to give a warranty on the product, promising incredible durability. In case you have a calculated budget, look for standard vinyl tiles since they can also mimic the same look.

Living Room:

All vinyl tiles have an added layer on the top, offering superior resistance to stains and scratches. It also offers resistance against moisture, ideal in high traffic areas. Above all, these are super easy to clean and maintain, a perfect option for a house with children.


Luxury vinyl tiles offer warm under-foot and sound-absorbing features, offering a good night’s sleep. You can add a few mats and rugs on these tiles to enjoy cozy vibes in the room.

Final Words

Often homeowners don’t give enough importance to floors. They think more about what furniture to put on top of it and how to decorate the walls. Believe it or not, but floorings play a vital role in the home’s design. They define furniture’s look while elevating the entire house’s look. You can get your hands-on hardwood tiles to give a luxurious touch or opt for concrete if you are tight on budget. Instead of placing the same floors everywhere, see which tiles would be suitable for different rooms.

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